8 of the best champagne glasses to raise in 2022

Celebrate in style with these best champagne glasses. We're talking hand-blown, lead-free finds – all of which will look gorgeous on your table

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Raise a toast and celebrate in style with help from these best champagne glasses –and coupes. Whether you're cheers-ing to an occasion or it's your average Sunday spent on the sofa, ensure your stemware is up to scratch with our edit of the most stylish champagne glasses. Whatever your choice of bubbly, serving it in an elegant glass will be sure to add to the sense of occasion – especially when there's free-flowing fizz going around.

From flutes to coupes, the glasses in our edit span a number of styles. This way you'll be sure to greet your guests in style, and these champagne glasses will add a sense of sophistication to your table decor. They are also too good to be hidden in a cupboard, so we suggest styling them on a bar trolley, to show off to your guests. 

Whichever you go for, all of these elegant glassware options will guarantee your celebrations get off to a stylish start. Cheers to that!

Read our glassware guide for all of the types of drinks glasses that should have in your cupboard.

The best champagne glasses

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Dartington Crystal Limelight Mitre Champagne Saucer

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1. Dartington Crystal Limelight Mitre Champagne Saucer

These champagne saucers come in a set of two – and they are dishwasher safe. Made of lead-free glass with an elegant long stem, you can use these glasses for enjoying more than champagne but cocktails, too. And their unique vertical cut design will be sure to catch the light. For use on special occasions only, we reckon.

LSA International Dusk Champagne Flute in Pink Grey

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2. LSA International Dusk Champagne Flute in Pink Grey

This pair of handmade champagne flutes boasts an optic effect. Each glass is handpainted with an iridescent lustre in shades of green and grey, inspired by the colours in the sky at dusk. To add some colour – and texture – to your dining table, these are a luxury option. Just note that you can't put them in the dishwasher.

Habitat Pressed Set of 4 Champagne Coupe Glasses

(Image credit: Habitat)

3. Habitat Pressed Set of 4 Champagne Coupe Glasses

These vintage-style coupes are elegant and they'll be sure to bring the art deco vibes to your dining room. The best part? Other than the fact they are sizeable to fit more liquid inside, they are also dishwasher safe as well as easy to hold. You can use them for sipping champagne, for enjoying an Espresso Martini plus more.

Rockett St George Champagne Cocktail Coupe Glass With Gold Rim

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4. Rockett St George Champagne Cocktail Coupe Glass With Gold Rim

With a sophisticated gold rim, this champagne glass screams style. Charming with a sleek frame, they are perfect for hosting over the festive season – and beyond. Other than its gold rim, it's nice and simple so as not to distract eyes from the rest of your tableware. It's even good enough to display on a drinks trolley, we say.

Oliver Bonas Flor Pink Champagne Saucers Set of Four

(Image credit: Oliver Bonas)

5. Oliver Bonas Flor Pink Champagne Saucers Set of Four

Pink to make your guests wink, these Oliver Bonas champagne glasses ought to add some fun to your table. They are tinted on top with a pink rim, with a clear glass stem and base. Boasting an organic shape, they offer a unique twisted design and a shiny finish. Made from soda-lime glass, you won't want to ever wash these in your dishwasher.

Klevering Smoked Champagne Coupes Set of Two

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6. Klevering Smoked Champagne Coupes Set of Two

These quirky smoked glasses are best for when you are hosting an intimate affair. They are crafted from hand-blown glass and with an elegant gold rim, they are anything but boring. For those who are going for a more serious vibe, these glasses ought to impress. Hand wash them for the best results.

The Vintage List Six Hand-Engraved Crystal Champagne Saucers with Gold Rim Design

(Image credit: The Vintage List)

7. The Vintage List Six Hand-Engraved Crystal Champagne Saucers with Gold Rim Design

Shaped from fine lead-free crystal, this set of glasses is perfect for filling out your cupboard – and impressing your guests. They're brilliant for anyone who frequently plays the role of being host, since they come in a set of six, and at a reasonable price. Leave the rest of the fun to your dinnerware, napkins and tablecloth. Other than their gold rim, these glasses are versatile and nice and simple, so that you can use them for birthdays, Christmases or on your average Sunday.

Richard Brendon Fluted Champagne Glass

(Image credit: Richard Brendon)

8. Richard Brendon Fluted Champagne Glass

Designer Richard Brendon partnered with Gleneagles to develop this beautiful hand-crafted crystal collection. Mouth-blown by master craftspeople in Bohemia, the collection draws inspiration from the decadent cocktail culture of the 1920s, so fits perfectly in the American Bar at Gleneagles, which has been elegantly designed by David Collins Studio. Wash this glassware by hand.

Where to buy champagne glasses?

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