Design Classic: Togo Sofa

Forty years on, it's still the perfect sofa for slouching about on.

Designer: Michel Ducaroy

Details: From £5,605, Ligne Roset

In 1973, the first beats of disco thumped in New York’s underground clubs, Roxy Music released For Your Pleasure with its PVC-clad vamp and her pet panther on the cover and the party-friendly Togo sofa was born – three indicators that, for some people at least, the hippy was dead and the Seventies promised glamour, good times and hedonism.

Designer Michel Ducaroy, who had been with Ligne Roset since the Fifties, broke the mould with this flexible creation, inventing the first all-foam-filled sofa, with no frame or sharp edges in sight. The Togo was an instant success and remains the iconic sofa for slouching about on.

A seat dreamt up especially for afternoon siestas or lazy evenings, Michel Ducaroy’s Togo has been the ultimate in both comfort and style for over 40 years.

Instantly recognisable from its distinctive shape, the Togo is constructed from multiple density polyether foam and quilted covers.

Now a Ligne Roset classic, its design has become a cult classic.

All that’s missing is Bryan Ferry in a sharp suit draped nonchalantly across it, martini in hand. Or maybe that’s just us…

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