A boucle pillow is the smartest way to embrace this fabric trend (without buying a whole couch) – these 9 are the best

Boucle pillows are probably the easiest (and most stylish) way to transition your home into fall, so we found the top picks for you to shop

selection of boucle pillows of different shapes and colors
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Boucle decor, IMO, strikes the perfect balance between expensive, soft and comfy. Somewhere between a tufted and wool finish, boucle is characterized by distinct looped detail. There’s a reason we associate it with elegance (the material always reminds me of classic Chanel two-pieces), but there’s also an undeniable coziness to the soft, textured material. A boucle addition or two is an easy way to make your scheme feel both luxe and comfy.

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a huge boucle fan. So if you're in the market for a new boucle pillow, I've done all the hard work for you and scoured the best home decor stores and found a plethora of stunning styles. I’ve already found the best boucle decor pieces, but the stylish-yet-cozy material is just so perfect for fall that I felt boucle pillows deserved their own shoppable roundup – so here are the best options out there to elevate your sofa, armchair or bed.

Classic boucle pillows

Colorful boucle pillows

Boucle ball pillows

How do I style boucle pillows?

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Pillows are an essential addition to your bedroom and living area. Not only do they make your sofas and beds feel more comfy, they’re also an easy way to elevate your space by making it feel more carefully considered. I’ve found the best statement pillows, minimalist pillows, and patterned pillows, but I’m here to talk about the best boucle options and how to style them. 

As a material, boucle is so versatile! Not only does it have a modern, on-trend feel it’s also super cozy by nature, making it the perfect addition to your fall decor as you transition into the colder seasons ahead. You can choose to swap your current summery pillowcases with boucle options (like the H&M piece above) for an easy and cost-effective way to switch up your scheme.

We all know that pillows are made for stacking and layering, so it’s lucky that boucle pairs beautifully with other materials. Smoother-textured styles like velvet, cotton and wool are ideal additions to your boucle arrangement for fall/winter.

In terms of color, you can’t go wrong with a classic white or cream boucle pillow – it’s probably the easiest shade to style with pillows of other colors and materials. Or of course, you can always go bright and colorful with your boucle for a more modern feel! Style the sage green and powder blue options above with more neutral pillow styles to ensure they remain the main focus.

Finally, shape is just as important as texture when it comes to clever pillow styling. The ball pillow options outlined above are a great statement option to place at the front of your pillow stack, naturally drawing the eye and ‘rounding’ off your pillow composition beautifully.

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