Ashley Tisdale's Latest Product is Going Viral — And It Makes Homes Smell So Luxe for Less Than $10

Influencers, content creators, and more are recommending this woodsy new scent from Being Frenshe. Have you tried it yet?

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For those of us who grew up in the era of High School Musical (myself included), the name Ashley Tisdale is as recognizable as, say, Barack Obama or Meryl Streep. Her iconic Disney Channel roles cemented her status as one of the great stars of our generation, even if she doesn't act so much anymore.

Instead, Ashley has her hands full with her lifestyle brands, Frenshe and Being Frenshe, as well as her passion for interior design, pieces of which she often shares online. Being the style editor that I am, I occasionally scroll through Ashley's profile, searching for tidbits of wisdom and inspiration I can pass on to all of you (especially if it relates to the best home decor brands). And lately, the inspiration is coming from elsewhere — though it's still pointing directly back at Ashley.

Specifically, what I've found is a growing viral love of Being Frenshe's newest scent, palo santo sage. Everywhere I turn, it seems tastemakers and content creators are recommending this woodsy new parfum, described by Frenshe as calming and cleansing.

For instance, in a recent Instagram story, popular influencer Mary Skinner highlighted the Frenshe Palo Santo Sage candle as one she recently finished — and one she would '10/10' recommend.

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@gillianxgrace, another large content creator, said the palo santo sage is 'one of the first scents I've smelled that has actually made me feel centered and grounded.'

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Meanwhile, said self-described 'perfume enthusiast' Zach, who boasts over 50,000 followers on TikTok, said: 'This might be the best Frenshe yet.'

'It's a really beautiful, earthy, calming kind-of scent,' he continued. 'It's supposed to help you feel present and grounded, and the sage has a nice herbaceous-ness to it. It's super beautiful as a candle.'


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After all these endorsements, I just might have to try! Sounds like this really is the scent of the moment. And lucky for all of us, it's available at Target. A win-win.

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