These Are the Best Amazon Coffee Tables — 12 Style Editor-Approved Picks

You might not think to shop for this key piece of living room furniture on this massive retailer, but Amazon coffee tables are super stylish and impressive

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The importance of the coffee table cannot be overstated. Without sounding dramatic (a difficult feat for me, especially with eight years of school-sanctioned musical theater under my belt), it can truly make or break your living room. Too small, and it looks out of place and wonky. Too large, it makes your space look smaller. Too worn, it could dilute your chic aesthetic. And if it's just the wrong style entirely, well, how can you even have an aesthetic in the first place? 

All that said, I can appreciate the difficulties involved with tracking down the right coffee table, especially those from some of the best home decor brands. To hasten your search, I've done a lovely little edit of coffee tables you can find on Amazon, a typically affordable and speedy marketplace that makes decorating your home a total breeze. Like the Amazon sofas we've previously unearthed, these options are so chic that you'd never be able to guess where they're from!

 'When picking an Amazon coffee table, it's best to start with at least a color or shape in mind,' says Livingetc's editor Pip Rich. 'Otherwise it's easy to get overwhelmed, and hard to find somerhing that works. Zero in as much as you can before you click onto the site. And remember to measure the space you have to fill, too. The trouble with shopping online is being unable to tell the scale, and you risk falling for a piece that's too big or small.'

Below, we've got some marble coffee tables, glass top coffee tables, coffee tables for small living rooms, and more — in short, everything you need! All that's left is the click 'buy.'

Best wooden coffee tables on Amazon

Best irregular coffee tables on Amazon

Best minimalist coffee tables on Amazon

Best modern coffee tables on Amazon

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Lately, I've observed a surge in mixed-material coffee tables, deviating from traditional compositions. We're witnessing unconventional pairings like glass with steel or concrete with metal gaining popularity. Concrete, in particular, has become a favorite of mine due to its robust nature, ensuring stability and weight-bearing capabilities. Artistic elements are also seizing the spotlight, transforming the coffee table into a centerpiece.

What ties these trends together is the celebration of variety. With no singular coffee table trend reigning supreme, it's all about personal taste and eclectic choices.

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