This Coffee Station Trend Offers a Chic Way to Display Mugs, and This is the Ideal Amazon-Buy for the Job

Designers and java lovers agree that this is the best addition to your coffee station

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If you haven't been living under a rock you've probably spotted a new way of displaying coffee mugs, and the clever storage idea has certainly caught our eye. A genius way to curate a personalized coffee station that showcases all your favorite drinks vessels gets a thumbs up from us, and we've found the best Amazon buy for the job. 

If you're not sure what we're talking about, it's a Scandi-style display rack that's not only loved by half of Instagram but also gets the seal of approval from designers and coffee enthusiasts, too. An aesthetic coffee station setup seems to be part of every modern kitchen these days, and since no such space is complete without a collection of mugs, it seems only right that we give them pride of place. After all, every avid coffee drinker knows the mug determines the taste of the beverage, so having a good selection is essential. 

Find out how the most stylish people are storing their mugs right now and how you can get the look below.

Obviously, a coffee bar is primarily about having the best coffee machine, but making it look visually appealing never hurts. Displaying your most beautiful coffee mugs can be a simple but effective way to do this, plus it's also super practical. Not only are your mugs within easy reach, but it helps you gain space in your cabinets, too. 

A cube display shelf seems to be the mode of the moment for mug display. Every time we see it appear on Instagram we drool over how aesthetically pleasing it is. 'Displaying your cups vertically in cube shelving allows you to see all of your cute mugs and cups at once,' says interior decorator Vivianne Chow. 'Choose varying neutral and earthy tones to achieve a modern vignette through your coffee cup display. Alternatively, you can use warm greys, beige, and white to create a pretty aesthetic and complete your coffee station design.' 

If you're a fan of a farmhouse kitchen style, embrace the rustic look this cube shelving creates. 'I love the artisan coffee shop vibe,' says coffee aficionado Natalka Antoniuk, 'and it's so easy to do that by keeping your cups at a higher level'. 

If you've been rather taken by this kitchen trend, you'll be thrilled to learn that you can buy a nifty cube display shelf from Amazon for just $60. This option is a great opportunity to make a statement with your coffee station for a reasonable price. If you're looking for something to spruce up your coffee station, look no further.

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