Kitchen sink ideas – 8 inspiring ways to add excitement to your washing-up zone

Make your sink stand out, or blend in, with the top kitchen sink ideas from design experts and interior designers

Give your kitchen sink area some TLC with modern designs and ingenious twists on timeless styles
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Kitchen sinks don't just have to serve a functional purpose. If given some thought, they can have a fun and fascinating element to them too. Of course, you want your wash zone to excel at its primary purpose – and that's to help you turn your dishes from dirty to decent. 

But in 2022, the latest kitchen trends show that kitchen sinks are finally being given the spotlight they deserve. In today's modern world, we want our sinks to add interest –not take it away. The good news? There's a wide range of choice when it comes to the style of your kitchen sink. From integrated options to Belfast styles and more. 

As Interior Designer Aurelie Tshiama confirms, 'There is an ample amount of materials, fixtures, and solutions to choose from when deciding on a sink style. Although farmhouse sinks are currently the most popular, there are many additional options to choose from such as a corner sink, double bowl, drainboard, integrated to name a few. 

'Thankfully, today you can make a sink out of literally anything, so there’s freedom to be creative in its detail.'

If you're wondering how to make your kitchen sink a spot of interest – we brought together lots of lovely kitchen ideas to get you inspired. Plus interior designs offer up their advice on how you can add some excitement to your washing-up zone.

The best kitchen sink ideas for 2022

1. Opt for a fluted sink

Create some understated drama with a fluted kitchen sink

(Image credit: deVOL)

Texture meets tradition when it comes to fluted Belfast-style sinks. Named as one of the top kitchen trends of 2022, sinks are going three-dimensional this year and it's left us wondering how we ever lived without them. 

‘Tactile, traditional and a little different with a certain decorative quality, the fluted sink is making a big comeback,’ deVOL's Creative Director, Helen Parker tells us. ‘It has a charm, a character, and a delightfully wholesome feel to it, it is certainly not a boring look but somehow retains a sense of simplicity and nostalgia. 

‘It is a fun sink and slightly more interesting than a flat fronted Belfast. In these times of bolder interior decoration and less minimalism, it seems an easy way to include a little more texture and interest to an otherwise very simple part of a kitchen."

So if you're a fan of understated drama, a fluted sink is a very quick fix. 

2. Make your kitchen sink seamless 

Belfast sinks have had a 21st century makeover

(Image credit: Day True)

A Belfast sink is a thing of beauty. It always has been and it probably always will be. But in 2022, these big-hearted beauties have had a 21st-century update. And boy, do they look good, as proven in this marble kitchen. Generally speaking, Belfast designs are white in color, they usually have a weir overflow and can often be deeper than your typical Butler sink. But this year, they come with a difference.

 According to Hayley Robson, Creative Director at Day True: 'The contemporary take on a ‘Belfast’ style sink comes by dropping the fascia of the worktop material, and cladding the internal sides of the stainless steel sink.’ 

The end result? ‘It creates a seamless look,” Robson says.  

Plus, not only does this make your sink area smarter than ever before, but it will also be a doddle to clean thanks to zero nooks and crannies for food, water, and everyday dirt to seep into.

3. Create sink interest with copper 

Clad your sink in copper for a very welcoming surprise

(Image credit: Day True)

The trend for warm-colored metals knows no bounds. But you don’t have to invest in a solid copper sink to reap the rewards.

As Robson explains: 'You can elevate a stainless steel sink by selecting a PDV coated option – in this case, copper. This creates a timeless result introducing more classic tones contracting with sleek white worktops.

'By combining with a wall-mounted tap, the end result is more elegant, less ‘kitcheny’ which works great in open-plan kitchens. It is practical when you have larger pots or pans to clean, as the tap can swivel flat against the wall, allowing plenty of space. Having a separate control for the mixer, which can be positioned in various locations, provides ease of use for multi-generations/abilities.'

According to Robson, all the metal detailing in this project is copper, keeping the material pallet simple and clean, while the functional elements like the sinks and tap, blend in with the more decorative detailing – like the hooks, handles, and hinges. But if you ask us, all eyes are on the sink!

4. Make your sink golden 

Go for gold with your kitchen sink and tap

(Image credit: Victorian Plumbing)

Talking of metals, copper sinks aren't the only way to inject some kitchen color, interest, and warmth into the heart of your home. Why not opt for brushed gold?

Synonymous with sophistication, luxury, and durability, a gold kitchen sink could be just the thing to make your kitchen complete. 

Trinity Owhe, Design Expert at Victorian Plumbing, says ‘Another trend is retrofitting classic or traditional styles. Ceramic and apron kitchen sinks are timeless designs that will never go out of fashion. However, if you want that classic fit with a more up-to-date look, adding a modern twist through color or material is a brilliant update to make. A great example would be a brushed gold butler sink, or opting for a matte black inset sink with taps to match.'

5. Re-imagine a Butler sink

Butler sinks are being re-imagined with a contemporary stamp

(Image credit: Blakes London)

Just when you thought you couldn't sink deeper in love with a Butler sink, along comes this beauty. This time, the team at Blakes London has got creative with this black kitchen, layering up the natural patterns and textures. The end result? A twist on the classic and much-loved kitchen sink that really does keep on giving. 

As Magnus Nilsen, Lead Designer, explains, ‘Rather than using a traditional Butler sink in our recent Camberwell project, we paid homage to this classic design and re-imagined it in a more contemporary way.

'Using the same painted timber as the rest of the wall run kitchen cabinetry, we created a front panel behind which sat a regular undermounted sink. Using a clean sharp rib rather than a more conventional smooth curved rib on the sink panel, we were able to create an added detail in the wall run which elevated the design, and in so doing, fused an old-world aesthetic in a modern way.'

6. Keep it classic

Turn heads and draw eyes towards your wash zone with a classic Butler sink

(Image credit: Martin Moore/ Darren Chung)

While we're all for modern takes on timeless classics, sometimes the best kitchen sink ideas need no revamps – and a Butler sink has cemented its place as a stalwart in the kitchen. 

Few sinks can handle the job like a Butler sink can. From large baking trays to deep dishes, these classic sink styles are deliciously roomy and timelessly stylish. And thanks to modern materials and thoughtful design touches, they are as practical as they are perfect looking.

Richard Moore, Design Director at Martin Moore, says, 'Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. A large and deep Butler’s sink cannot be beaten for practicality or good looks, especially for flower arranging.'

Plus they can work with any style from rustic farmhouse kitchens to more contemporary spaces where you want to add a touch of character. 

7. Sink into an undermount style 

Simplicity meets style with this classic matchy-matchy design

(Image credit: Martin Moore / Darren Chung)

As we've just seen: when it comes to the best kitchen sink ideas, it's the tried and tested designs that prevail.  Adding interest to your kitchen sink doesn't have to be dramatic, complicated, or harsh. But what it does have to be? Beautiful. And this simple, undemanding under-mount sink from Martin Mooredesign is just that. 

Understated, pretty, and clean-looking, white kitchen sinks will forever have a place in our hearts (and homes). As Moore adds: 'For a sleek contemporary look, match the sink to the kitchen countertop.'

8. Be on-trend with a black sink

Black taps and sinks can help to create an industrial look

(Image credit: Magnet)

Black sinks offer you something a bit different. Maybe you've got dark work surfaces, or you have jumped on the industrial kitchen vibe. Either way, dark kitchen sinks can hide dirt, blend in seamlessly and give a welcomed change to your everyday white ceramic. 

Lizzie Beesley, Head of Design at Magnet explains ‘Another trend becoming more apparent in recent years is the rise in demand for black sinks. Kitchen sinks are often understated in terms of color so the increasing popularity of darker colored sinks makes a striking style statement. 

'Glossy or matte, this alternative color can help make your sink a sophisticated focal point. They are particularly a great choice for modern kitchens, as well as industrial-inspired spaces.’

In 2022, when it comes to kitchen sinks choice is aplenty. 

From a farmhouse sink and a corner sink to the much-loved Belfast sink. You can integrate a kitchen sink into your countertop however you wish. 

Trinity Owhe, Design Expert at Victorian Plumbing says, 'Belfast sinks are by far the most popular sink style right now. Distinguishable from its counterpart - the butler sink- by its deeper bowl and overflow feature, Belfast sinks are a timeless choice that look great in both modern and traditional kitchens. Arguably the best design element of the Belfast sink is that iconic apron-front feature that works wonderfully to break up the kitchen counter and cabinet space.’

And Interior Designer, Aurelie Tshiama, agrees. She says: ‘As we’ve recently ventured back into the Shaker style kitchens, the classic ceramic style farmhouse sink has become a favorite for many. Although typically seen in a farmhouse-inspired kitchen, the sink has recently been applied to modern kitchens. If you’re looking to splurge it can appear timeless in a kitchen space and although most commonly used in white, it also comes in many other colors, shapes, and sizes adaptable to suit your space.’

How can you make your kitchen sink look better?

Once you’ve decided on the kitchen sink, it’s important to look after it. After all, you’ll want it to last for years (and years) to come.

As Owhe suggests, ‘For the sink itself, maintenance is the most important factor. Regardless of the material the sink is made from, avoiding stains and limescale buildup is the best way to ensure your sink stays looking good-as-new.

‘An aspect of kitchen sinks that people might overlook is the kitchen tap. If you want a kitchen that’s elegant and coordinated, a kitchen tap to match your sink can really make or break your look. Particularly for those with undermount sinks, a great suggestion is sink caddies and insertable trays or drainage boards that can hang off the rim of your counter. It seems almost pointless getting an undermount sink to create that beautiful, open counter space, only to clutter it with bulky draining boards and dish soap containers.’

What options are there for kitchen sinks?

From the materials to the style and the color to the design, there are many different options available when it comes to kitchen sinks.  

There are the likes of an undermount sink to choose from, a multi-use sink, a top mount, a single basin, a double basin, a bar sink, a farmhouse sink and more.

As Owhe explains 'Kitchen sink styles really do vary far and wide. Some of the most popular ones are Belfast and Butler sinks which are truly classic styles. However, there are undermount and inset sinks to consider too. These sinks tend to fit a more modern and sleek kitchen setting.'

Rod Gaskell, designer and owner of Kutchenhaus notes that when it comes to the different options of material, granite and steel are highly sought after. 

Gaskell says, 'In terms of material people are currently after steel sinks, even colored steel like copper or gold. Granite is also popular and always seems to be the choice when people are torn between two types.

'We are often asked how they wear, so scratch-resistant and easy-clean sinks, especially where limescale is an annoyance, are strong considerations which is why ceramic sinks will continue to prove to be popular.'

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