'It brings glitz and glam!' – The new H&M Home x Rabanne collection is available now, and here are 9 pieces we love

The long-awaited collection is now available to shop and offers a hint of luxury needed as we head into the holiday season

H&M x Rabanne collection towel, cocktail accessories and house slippers
(Image credit: H&M Home)

There's nothing like a new designer collab to get us excited to redecorate, and H&M Home's new collection with Rabanne is the best way to inject a hint of luxury into your home this season. If the long winter nights are wearing you down, we truly believe this one-of-a-kind collab could be the perfect remedy. 

The French Fashion house (formerly known as Paco Rabanne) has teamed up with one of our favorite high-street homeware stores to bring us all the glitz and glamour you could need as we head into the holiday season. Silver, sequins, and spa-like loungewear tell a story of celebration and self-care, with some iconic bold patterned textiles thrown in for good measure. 

Designed in partnership with Rabanne’s Creative Director Julien Dossena, it's the most comprehensive interiors offering yet for an H&M designer collaboration, and there really is something for everyone. The collection spans furniture, lighting, table-top accessories, loungewear, and soft furnishings, with key pieces being a sequin embellished lamp, metallic candles, and monogrammed Rabanne cushions, all of which nod to 70s-inspired interior design trends.

'While this was my first experience designing homeware and objects, our founder Paco Rabanne designed some emblematic metallic furniture in the 1970s, so this interiors collection felt like an authentic extension for the house,' says Julien Dossena, Creative Director of Rabanne. 'I wanted to embellish the lifestyle element of our ready-to-wear collection to incorporate home décor items that complemented the luxurious mood of enjoyment.' 

Looking for some inspiration for luxury winter decorating? Here are nine pieces from the new line that have the Livingetc seal of approval. 

Rabanne x H&M HOME is now available in selected stores and online at hm.com/home 

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