Our Style Editor Loves H&M Bedding — "I Can't Emphasize the Softness Enough!" Her Edit of What to Buy

From Egyptian cotton duvets to silk pillowcases, H&M Home's Scandi-cool bedding promises beauty sleep and an even more beautiful bedroom

The best H&M Home bedding. according to a style editor.
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If you've not discovered how good H&M bedding is yet, you're sleeping on a style secret. It's one of those places that designers shop at, that I shop at, that our editors shop at because we know that its bedding - and its bath mats - are unparalleled. It in the material choices - hardwearing and soft, washes well - and price points - from $40 or so. It really can't be beaten.

In this H&M Home editor's choice, I've gone for the brand's top-tier. Interior designer Artem Kropovinsky emphasizes that the softness of bedding - and I can't emphasize the softeness of H&M bedding enough - is "indicated by a fabric thread count, with high numbers usually reflecting the fineness of weave." He notes premium materials such as Egyptian cotton and linen as among the best, and luckily, they are both prominently featured here. 

H&M's commitment to the best bedding sets resonates through the reviews, where the touchable softness and comfort of the bedding speak for themselves. Don't hesitate — explore what everyone is raving about and treat yourself to the dreamiest bedding experience to date.

Peruse the complete bedding collection at H&M Home.

Best H&M Home Bedding

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How should I choose my bedding style? 

According to Kropovinsky, prioritizing comfort is the first step in selecting bedding. "Consider the tactility and air permeation because these qualities are very important for comfort," advises the designer. Once comfort is ensured, the next consideration is style. Take note of the predominant colors and themes in your room — are there earth tones? Lots of prints? It's essential to think holistically about your bedroom, rather than solely focusing on bedding that catches your eye.

The colors featured in this collection encompass earth tones and neutrals, offering the advantage that almost any choice will seamlessly blend with your bedroom decor.

These H&M Home rugs would look gorgeous in your bedroom — or anywhere for that matter.

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