First full look at the new Rabanne H&M Home collab - 'it makes me want to party' says our editor

The very first preview of the Rabanne H&M Home collaboration has just dropped and our editor Pip Rich has picked the pieces to make you feel most holiday-ready

table, rug, candles and pillows in metallics and geometric patterns
(Image credit: H&M)

H&M has just announced its brand new collaboration with the legendary French fashion house Rabanne....and it's an extravanganza! Metallics, hi-shine, 1970s geometric prints. Homeware, fashion, and a shimmering curtain that could - given the right amount of creativity - be either. And it's giving me pure party spirit, perfectly timed to launch us all into holiday season.

H&M is no stranger to designer collabs. I've lined down the street for the Marni launch, I've heard about fights breaking out for the Lagerfeld collection. But the Rabanne line is the first in a while that so neatly encapsulates the very mood of the very moment it's being launched in - and it has surprised me how much I love it. All that silver, all those daring prints, and I'm normally averse to both. But because it's Fall 2024, I'm primed for a new mood - I want my home to feel like the hedonistic haven I believe so many of us are craving right now. And while H&M holiday decor is known to err on the side of fun, Rabanne has pushed it squarely into gleeful.

The whole Rabanne H&M Home collaboration launches on November 9 and H&M are showing a preview here. But the early details  have literally just been released right this second - take a look at my edit  below to work out what you need to elbow other people out of the way for first. Or just start shopping the core H&M Home collection - I'm very partial to its new lighting.

The Rabanne H&M Home shimmering curtain

silver shimmery curtain

(Image credit: H&M)

Think of this as the tone setter for the whole collection. I only expect to see this in the most party-ready homes and bought by people who really want to put the holiday spirit into the holidays, but it tells you what the vibe is all about. 

Paco Rabanne, who founded Rabanne in the 1960s, was known as a rule breaker. He made dresses out of - for the time - unconventional materials like plastic and metal. Yet this is not just a homage to the brand DNA but also a statement of intent. You're going to want to have a disco. Resistance is futile. We're here to play.  

The Rabanne H&M Home geometric rug

green and black geometric rug

(Image credit: H&M)

Geometric rugs have bucked the current vogue for softer, more minimalist schemes to become a micro interior design trend this year, seen in rooms by designers like Jonathan Adler and Jake Arnold (though admittedly his approach was in a calming jute). 

What they do is create an instant dance floor in the middle of your living room, a dash of Studio 54 glamor. That said, the two tones of green in this rug design are an elevated combination, so it could also be used to add a bit of daring sophistication to softer, neutral furniture. Your spirits will be dancing on the inside, for sure. 

The Rabanne H&M Home martini table

silver end table with silver candle holder

(Image credit: H&M)

When I interviewed the interior designer Brigette Romanek she told me how important it is to consider the flow of a room, to create little moments where people can gather and relax. Nothing invites laid back conviviality more than a martini table - and this one in polished chrome is just as much about the party as the glittery curtain but a little more...refined.

Place at the end of a velvet sofa for a curated contrast, or pair with rough woods and marble for a really artful combination.

Oh, and the decor accessories atop the table are part of the H&M x Rabanne line, too. Disco-ball-as-candle-holder sums it up rather well, don't you think?

Actually, you can buy the tapered candle already, here, and - coming in several colors - it's really good value.

The best of the rest

Rabanne H&M Home collection towel, cocktail accessories and house slippers

(Image credit: H&M)

The other decor in the Rabanne H&M Home line includes towels emblazoned with the famed Rabanne 'R' motif, house slippers, metallic vases and more cocktail accessories.

You can shop the whole collection on November 9, or start curating your holiday decor with H&M's core line here.

Pip Rich

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