Kate Hudson's Wallpaper Plays Into One of the Biggest Trends of 2024 — Experts Say It Brings Both 'Tranquility' and 'Whimsy'

I can't imagine a better backdrop for a viewing of 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' than this (and it's available at Anthropologie!)

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Something I'm loving for 2024? Maximalism. Gone are the days of so-called sad beige interiors, and hopefully here to stay are moments of color, vibrancy, and perfectly mismatched/ornate decor. Of course, such vignettes are still crafted tastefully — but they channel pattern and personality before versatility and neutrality. I could get on board with that.

Nowhere is this fabulous look (and one other trend, in particular) on display than Kate Hudson's home. The other day, the singer and entrepreneur posted a look inside her Los Angeles chateau (adorable daughter included), and I was immediately taken by the wallpaper design she had chosen for the photographed space. I recognized it — it was the Morris & Co. Pimpernel wallpaper from Anthropologie, one of the best home decor brands around — and it instantly brought to mind some insights I had gathered a few months back.

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I was writing a guide on buying on-trend wallpaper for 2024, and every expert I spoke to said the same thing: florals and nature prints are the hot item of the year. 'I'm currently seeing a surge in demand for botanical and nature-inspired prints, which can bring a sense of tranquility into a space, but also a bit of whimsy,' Isy Runsewe, interior designer at Isy's Interiors, told me at the time. Added Erin Derby, an interiors consultant and photographer: '[F]lorals and graphic patterns still rule the wallpaper trend. Although those are very different styles, they allow wallpaper to stretch across design vocabularies: From traditional to minimal and mod.'

Melanie King, another designer at Isy's Interiors, described Kate's wallpaper as 'a little art deco, art nouveau, a little gothic revival, yet still feminine,' she tells me. 'Right on trend with the floral resurgence in wallpapers. This particular iconic take on a floral is a bit more vintage and a little less whimsical. I'm into it!'

This specific pattern depicts bay leaves and manilla hemp, and famed designer William Morris (of Morris & Co.) actually used it in his own dining room. Now that's how you know it's good. It's giving 'classic elegance and historical charm,' Melanie continues. 'It's got a great vintage feel with the black and white penny tile floors, and jade and brass accents. The striped curtains start to create a more relaxed space and make it cozy. Feels bold yet comfortable.'

Of course, the fun doesn't have to stop here if you don't want it to. Below, I’ve gathered a few other floral- and botanical-inspired options for you to try, just in case Kate’s vision moved you like it moved me. I know I, for one, never pass up the chance for my home to look like a celebrity’s, so I may or may not have already added the Pimpernel to my cart ...

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