15 On-Trend Wallpapers Editors Love Now — and What Designers Say You Really Have to do Before You Invest

Even commitment-phobes will find something they love in our edit of the best on-trend wallpaper. Plus, expert advice to guide your choice.

a small dining room with wallpapered walls
(Image credit: Molly Culver. Design: Daley Home)

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If you haven't already noticed, wallpaper is returning in a big way. It didn't exactly leave, per se, but it is something I'm seeing a lot more of in the most coveted homes and best home decor brands. Even peel-and-stick wallpaper has gained newfound appreciation as a colorful and whimsical solution for both renters and homeowners alike. You can use wallpaper to add some contrast to an otherwise boring space, or maybe jazz up a pair of bookshelves on either side of your TV. Perhaps you line a few kitchen drawers for an understated but personalized touch, or spice up your entryway with a bold pattern. Whatever you choose, it's an incredibly versatile decor option that designers love.

The only problem? Wallpaper can feel awfully permanent. It's not, of course, but it is much more of a pain to put up and take down than paint, which can be easily touched up or glossed over. Choosing a wallpaper then comes off as quite the commitment — one I'm here to better delineate so that you can make the best decision for your space in 2024. Following and leaning into wallpaper trends is always one way to go, but I also wanted to ask experts about their timeless wallpaper selection tips as well, so that you can be prepared no matter the year or trend cycle.

At the moment, wallpaper usage is trending toward sophisticated but creative applications, designers told me, a pattern they're expecting will continue throughout the coming months. Isy Runsewe, interior designer at Isy's Interiors, said she is seeing wallpaper that 'sets the design tone' of a space by 'incorporating a color scheme for the entire home' or maybe enveloping the walls of a powder room to 'create a design moment' on its own. Jill Elliott of Color Kind Studio agreed, detailing two projects — a mudroom redesign and a children's playroom redesign — where she used wallpaper in unconventional ways: to line and differentiate storage bins and cubbies. The look ties into the trending 'bookshelf wealth' aesthetic, as well, 'which is all about showcasing your treasured items to create a cozy, lived-in look,' said Ashley McCollum, GLIDDEN® paint by PPG color expert. 'Wallpaper certainly is being used in this style; the look is furthered by pairing it with rich paint colors on mantelpieces, wall shelves, bar carts, side tables, and windowsills.'

Both Isy and Greg Roth, a senior interior designer at CarbonShack, also mentioned an increased use of wallpaper on ceilings, especially in entryways and bedrooms, and in walk-in closets. 'I think that options for new, inventive, and surprising wallcoverings are growing exponentially – particularly with the ease of nimble production provided by digital printing,' Greg told me. 'Plus, with a trend away from whites/neutrals, consumers are really looking for new ways to bring color and pattern into their spaces.'

green and blue bedroom with botanical themed wallpaper

(Image credit: Design: Isy Runsewe / Photography: Kirsten Francis)

Botanical and nature-inspired prints are dominating the wallpaper world right now, according to the majority of designers I spoke with. 'Biophilia is HOT-HOT-HOT!' Greg tells me. 'So we’re seeing bright pops of colorful florals, animal prints, leafy patterns, and designs that mimic or emulate natural materials.' Bold tones and hues were also common throughlines, though designers made sure to note that neutrals are not entirely out of the picture.

Shaolin Low of Studio Shaolin also mentioned one look in particular that the Livingetc team also has its eye on for 2024: mural-style wallpaper, wherein the overall design comprises a singular image rather than a repeated pattern. 'I love mural pieces,' Shaolin tells me. 'I think it’s so beautiful to have [a] story told and this huge art piece.'

living room with yellow ottoman, blue couch, and blue and green patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: Design: Isy Runsewe / Photography: Kirsten Francis)

If botanical wallpaper sounds good to you, I've also got the low-down on best to style it.

'For a soft botanical-themed wallpaper, I would pair it with a palette of natural hues such as sage green, [and] blush pink,' plus 'furniture with clean lines and earthy textures that would complement the wallpaper's aesthetic,' said Isy.

'I love a pattern that harbors less-than-obvious surprising moments, which adds mystery and delight to the space. Like a jungle or forest motif with hard-to-find creatures slinking about,' Greg added. Similarly, he noted how 'furniture could go more subdued — 'maybe rich wood tones, to relate back to the nature theme — 'and a textural natural-fiber rug on hardwood floors.'

Jill of Color Kind Studio loves the idea of playing with contrast when styling: 'I love seeing pieces that are a bit opposite of each other,' she told me. 'For example, a cast-iron utility sink against a more playful wallpaper, or a playful sofa and pillows against a more classic design. To me, the mix is the most personal!'

Tips for the wallpaper selection process

a foyer with burnt orange/red accent wall and striped cream wallpaper

(Image credit: Design: Isy Runsewe / Photography: Kirsten Francis)

As mentioned up top, wallpaper is a commitment — and a bigger one than paint. So you want to be sure you're crossing your t's and dotting your i's before adhering anything to your walls.

For starters, get a sample. This is 'crucial,' Isy said, because 'colors and textures can look different in person than online or in a catalog.' You also want to see how the lighting in the room might affect the colors and how they appear. Don't move forward if you're not in love with your choice. 'Does it speak to you on a visceral level? Does it move you, excite you, calm you, or bring an ineffable je ne sais quoi to your space that you can’t do without?' Greg continued. 'If so, then you've probably found the right one!' Otherwise, think of the space in question. 'For example, a powder room can be an opportunity for bold experimentation — or even for a slightly more costly option, if the space is smaller. A bedroom wall might ask for something soothing, restful — unless it’s a guest bedroom, in which case you may choose to be more playful and fun. Since there are so many options, go with your gut. Look for colors that you gravitate towards and patterns that thrill and move you.' Consider environment, as well; if the room you're papering is near water, for example, avoid mold by opting for a covering made of vinyl and steering clear of natural materials, Shaolin said.

And of course, you should think about who is installing your wallpaper — ideally, you hire an expert. Professionals have the know-how to 'handle any challenges, such as irregular wall surfaces or complex architectural details,' Isy cautioned. 'Additionally, they have the right tools and techniques to ensure a flawless finish, elevating the overall look of your space.'

In the end, you want to 'trust your gut,' Jill told me. If a pattern or print is too trendy or too of the moment, maybe you skip it; 'you want something that you’ll love for years to come that will evolve with your style.' But if you 'trust your eye and follow what you love,' wallpaper makes a 'great statement piece in any home.'

The On-Trend Wallpaper Edit

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