IKEA’s New RELATERA Collection Has Everything You Need to Elevate Your Work-From-Home Setup

Design an at-home workspace on a budget with this new collection where form meets function

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IKEA is known for its superior Scandi sense of style which makes them one of the best in the minimalist design game, and their newest range has everything you need to elevate your work-from-home set-up.

As the way we work evolves, we've found that it's extremely important to prioritize creating a home office or even a work nook for some distraction-free focus time. Long gone should be the days of struggling to balance your laptop on your sofa with your work tech and files scattered around aimlessly. So if you're looking for home office ideas to carve a catered working setup for yourself, IKEA's new RELATERA system will come in handy.

What's new at IKEA?

A children's desk with a whiteboard and bookshelf

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IKEA's RELATERA range comes with all the basics needed to get your WFH space in order. The sit-to-stand table is a great trendy piece that works perfectly for people who spend plenty of time seated at their desk jobs and it can be adjusted to heights suitable for when you're seated or standing, depending on when you're in the mood to get a little stretch in. It also makes it the perfect adaptable desk for a kids' room, too, as pictured above.

The collection also includes a range of clever accessories doused in a pleasant light gray-green hue, and are made to complete any minimalistic home office. Take the add-on unit for desktop storage. It's a great tool for organizing your pens, books, and files, thereby ridding your tabletop of visual clutter. The last thing you want is to be reaching for your files and knocking over your stationery.

The RELATERA range also features a whiteboard for to-do lists and reminders, a slanted writing board for your books, papers, and maybe even your laptop. Besides these clever accessories, the collection also hosts a pair of bookends that cohesively match the design, making it look like an intentionally curated workspace.

Last but not least, they have also introduced a phone/tablet holder that can easily support your devices while you hustle away at work. Made to adjustably attach to the side of your table, this particular product is a great buy for the multi-taskers.

Interior designer Nina Lichtenstein finds the RELATERA collection to be a great modern solution for people who want to work from home effectively and are in need of a professional setup. 'In an era where working from home and creating functional living spaces are more important than ever, IKEA’s RELATERA collection stands out as a beacon of sleek, minimalist design,' she says.

According to Nina, the collection perfectly balances form and function and offers versatile pieces that seamlessly fit into home offices. 'Modern aesthetics and functionality are at the heart of the RELATERA collection,' she notes. 'The furniture pieces are designed to offer maximum utility with a minimal footprint.'

A children's desk with a whiteboard

(Image credit: IKEA)

When it comes to styling your home office with the collection, Nina recommends starting with a central piece like the RELATERA desk. 'Its clean lines and add-on storage options make it ideal for maintaining a clutter-free workspace,' says Nina. 'Complete the set by pairing it with an ergonomic chair that offers both comfort and style.'

If you feel stumped and are looking for desk ideas for your home office, Nina suggests incorporating accessories that enhance productivity while maintaining the minimalist aesthetic. 'Use matching RELATERA shelving units to store books, files, and decorative items,' says Nina. 'Opt for minimalist desk organizers, task lighting with a modern design, and a neutral-colored rug to anchor the space.'

All in all, we find IKEA's latest range to be a testament to their smart blueprint of design, and founder of Intrabuild, Nick Chatzigeorgakis agrees. 'For a home office, the RELATERA collection's efficient use of space is ideal,' says Nick. 'Utilize the compact desks and smart storage options to keep your workspace organized without clutter.'

Say goodbye to shifty sofas and disorganized dining tables and welcome an office space into your home with the help of just a few strategic additions. And if you aren't able to get to an IKEA, feel free to go for one of our top alternative buys for a similar setup.

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