Ashley Tisdale's 'Splurge Versus Save' List Might Make you Rethink Where you Spend your Money

The interiors-obsessed celeb shares her advice on where to invest and where it's worth being more thrifty

Ashley Tisdale
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When it comes to furniture, the interior design world is rich with options. While this makes picking out the ideal pieces an exciting prospect, it can also make re-designing your home a little overwhelming. If you're working to a budget, knowing which pieces of furniture are worth splashing out on and which pieces shouldn't cost you the earth can be a tricky task.

Actress and qualified interior designer Ashley Tisdale is much-loved for her interiors advice and inspiration. A quick peek into her home on Instagram shows just how exquisite her taste is. In her latest reel, Ashley shares her advice on where to spend and where to save when it comes to buying furniture with her 16.1M followers, and her words of wisdom certainly caught our attention.

Some of the biggest interior design trends of 2024 are covered in Ashley's reel as she talks her followers through whether couches, rugs, nightstands, or artwork are worth splurging the cash on. Here's everything we learned in her 'Splurge Versus Save' list. 

Where To Spend

Investment furniture is sometimes the best way forward. In short, if you buy a top quality piece with a timeless design, it will serve you forever. Here are three instances where Ashley's putting her money where her mouth is. 

1. The Couch

living room with a cherry pink sofa

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The couch is one of the standout pieces of any living room, and if you're anything like us at Livingetc, it gets used a lot. So, it's essential that the couch fits your space well and is going to last you a long time. Luckily, Ashley agrees and has the couch at the top of her 'furniture to spend on' list. 

'If you're in the living room, I would spend on a sofa,' she says. 'The sofa is going to be used the most.' Ashley's sofa is certainly one to envy with its on-trend rust-red color. When deciding on which is the best couch to go for, considering the size of the room and working out the color scheme are fail-safe places to start. If you're opting for a living room refresh this year, the 2024 sofa trends are all about the joys of lounging and going large with the sofa. Take the advice of Ashley and invest in a good quality, durable one that will last a lifetime. 

2. The Rug

A bright toned living room with a shaggy rug


'I think that rugs last forever and the more vintage they look, the better,' says Ashley in her reel. She's definitely right that rugs are an item that will last years so it's worth putting a little more of your budget into a good quality rug which will stand the test of time. 

Rugs work particularly well on harder floors, such as wood, parquet, or concrete. The contrast between the hard floor and the softness of the rug creates layers to the room which adds warmth. Particularly for a living room rug, adding some texture through a rug can elevate the cozy feel. A vintage rug, like Ashley loves, gives a sense of timeless luxury and makes any space feel loved and lived-in.

3. The Nightstand

minimalist bedroom corner with oak bedside table, white lamp and whitewash walls

(Image credit: Christian Torres. Design: Miranda & Co.)

The nightstand is a bedroom essential. There's no avoiding how useful they are but functionality aside, they have evolved to be a a design feature of the bedroom that allows for creativity and a bold look. Ashley appears to agree as she declares them part of her 'furniture to spend on' category.

'Nightstands are always going to be a bit pricer,' says Ashley. Given their slightly higher price point naturally, it makes sense to lean in to this and indulge when browsing for the best nightstands out there. It's not an item that'll be easy to find a great saving on and so investing in a good quality nightstand that complements your bed and bed linens is really worthwhile.

Where To Save

When working to a budget, you'll need to scrimp on certain parts of your design. Budget-friendly furniture doesn't have sacrifice on style, however. Here's where Ashley thing's saving your money is safe. 

1. The Sidechair

A seating area with coffee table

(Image credit: Read Mckendree. Design: Chango & Co)

When thinking about how to pick an accent chair for the living room, you'll be inundated with different advice, different options, and different price points. If you’ve prioritised the price of your couch, the side chair can be a piece of furniture where you aim to save, choosing a less indulgent price tag. In her reel, Ashley talks about how many side chairs are already out there so it’s a great idea to capitalise on that, saving yourself the heftier cost of a brand new chair. 

Accent chairs can be a really striking feature in a living room which adds an extra seat to make your living room a sociable hub. A contrasting color or a different texture to the couch can be a great way to add some depth to the living room.

2. The Table Lamp

A bedside lamp in a neutral bedroom

(Image credit: Oni Studio. Design: JT Grupa)

Once you’ve invested in a good nightstand, it’s time to get thrifty for the bedside lamps. Going for a second-hand lamp is Ashley's expert advice as she notes that there are already ‘so many amazing table lamps out there’. Not only will going for a pre-owned lamp save you money, but it's an easy way to decorate more sustainably too. Whatever your bedroom aesthetic, the best table lamps will keep your room on-trend without breaking the bank.

3. Artwork

How to pick the perfect frame

(Image credit: Future / Mary Wadsworth)

Artwork is a super exciting part of any interior design project as it showcases the homeowner’s personality, taste and can add a real flair to any room. Picking it out, however, is no easy task. ‘Artwork is really hard sometimes because of how big or small it is,’ says Ashley. ‘It might not work in some particular spaces.’ Ever the fan of sustainable buying, Ashley also talks about how much wall art is already in circulation that you could incorporate into your home. 

Art is often assumed to be an expensive industry with some pieces costing a fortune. But, it doesn’t always have to be that your wall art is your investment piece and there's plenty out there already that'll be well within your budget. Some of the best wall art for 2024 comes with a price tag that definitely counts as being in the 'to save' category. 

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