Ashley Tisdale's Sofa is a Luxurious Shade That Elevates her Whole Room, and it Has Designers' Approval for 2024

The sumptous tone of the velvet material instantly makes her living room look more expensive

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As we edge ever-closer to 2024 we're on the lookout for all the latest trends to take with us into the new year. Navigating the world of interior design trends can be overwhelming, so where else should we look for decorating inspiration than the most stylish and design-conscious celebrities? 

In a recent Instagram post marking the start of December, actress Ashley Tisdale posted a photo of her pared-back mid-century style living room. The calmly decorated space is neutral throughout, except from a beautiful dark red sofa in the foreground  - one of the best couches we've seen in a celeb home for a while. The sumptous velvet in the rich, rusty brown-red tone is everything we love about a sophisticated mid-century color palette, and it does wonders in elevating the otherwise plain-looking living room into a luxury space. 

The color has designers' seal of approval, too. We were keen to know if this moody and sumptuous sofa shade can make any living room look more expensive, just as it does in Ashley's space, and the verdict is a firm yes. Here's what the experts have to say about this latest sofa trend and how to use it in your home.

Rust-red is no newcomer to the design scene, but its use on a sofa is certainly having a moment. As we begin favoring more timeless designs that exude a sense of quiet luxury, earthy jewel tones like the one shown in Ashely's living room are having a real resurgence. 

This is in part to do with the warm hues, which have associations with comfort. 'I love the warmth and rusty color of Ashley Tisdale’s modern, sectional seen in her recent Instagram post,' says Elana Mendelson, CEO of Elana Designs. 'Earth tones have increased in popularity as they infuse into all aspects of interior design while slowly, but surely, pushing the cool, boring grays aside.'

As Elana goes on to explain, rust living rooms are especially popular because of the color's versatility. 'It’s like black in that it coordinates beautifully with any color palette,' she says. 'Ashley’s rust-colored velvet sofa is plush, inviting, and warm, and exudes timeless elegance and luxury. The richness of the velvet looks and feels expensive and easily blends into any interior design style depending on the shape, profile, structure, and aesthetic of the piece on which it's used.' 

This rust tone also works so well as an accent color against the backdrop of Ashley's otherwise neutral space. The decor is kept to a minimum, meaning the couch really catches the eye and invites you in. 'The sofa gives a punch of color in a minimalist setting, without being garish,' says interior designer Manuela Hamilford. 'Ashley is also writing about self-care in her post, and brown, earthy tones will help her feel grounded and give a sense of warmth and security.'

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Earth tone living rooms were no stranger to our spaces in 2023, but these sort of shades have found their way into our furniture choices more recently as we learn to embrace more color in our homes. A living room sofa as the bold color accent of a room can be a reliable and safe way to introduce color trends while still leaving the surrounding decor more plain and simple. 

James Scaife, owner of a luxury homeware retailer Olson and Baker, says he's noticed an uptick in these comforting and warm colors among customers, with rust red proving particularly popular. 'This rich hue adds a touch of creativity and sophistication to interiors, making them feel expensive,' he says. 'It's a brave choice, but seems to suit both contemporary and country-style designs.'

If you're wondering what to pair it with, he has some words of advice on that, too. 'To keep it from being overpowering, I recommend balancing it with neutral tones like saddle tan or charcoal,' he says. 'When done right, the warmth of burnt orange can elevate any space.' Ashley's open plan living room is a prime example of this sophisticated color scheme James recommends. 

Similarly rich colors will also pair equally well if you want a brighter, more colorful look. 'I love using Bronzes, ambers, aubergines, olives together in a palette, especially in the fall and winter months,' says Manuela. She predicts the velvet material is the best pairing for these luxurious looking shades, too. 'The velvet sofa trend still going strong and we predict it continuing through 2024 while the color is practical and cute nod to the 70s. The couch throw in a slightly darker shade of brown is a nice contrast of textures against the smooth velvet.' 

If you want to upgrade your sofa-game in 2024, rust red velvet has the seal of approval. 

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