9 Updates Interior Designers Want You to Make in 2024 — These Ideas Make Your Home a Million Times Better

With the new year comes new ambitions for the home, here are the top 8 updates the designers want to see you make

A living room with high pile rug and living wall
(Image credit: Veerle Evens. Design: Owl Design)

A new year brings with it the winds of change. Whilst January can often feel the blue period that follows the warmth and festivity of December, it’s also a great time to set the waypoints for what you want your home to achieve in the year ahead. From big renovations to small but striking changes, we’ve spoken to designers around the globe to ask what changes they wish to see in homes this year.

As we asked each of them to cast a look into their crystal balls, each of them was uniform in their encouragement of creativity and bravery when it comes to your home design this year. 2023’s embers of more expressive interiors were palpable, from romantic ruffle-filled bedding to curves covering every room, but 2024 takes things one step further, encouraging you to personalize your home with the unexpected.

From statement stripes to cocooning banquettes and bold bespoke kitchens, designers are urging clients to stay the course for a home that truly reflects their personality and style. Interior design trends for the new year command you to consider the unconventional and question how you can better use the space you inhabit so that in turn, your interiors can work better for you.


living room with natural materials

(Image credit: Veerle Evens, Design: Owl Design)

This West London Terrace project crystallizes the advice of Owl Design founders, Sophie van Winden and Simone Gordon. The pair feel 2024 should be the year of sustainable and natural material palettes, advocating their warming and calming appeal. From the lush living green wall to the choice of wood and fabric, this living room feels beautiful modern, and natural, proving you can do both.

'Try and use natural materials in your home where you can. Natural materials, such as wood, clay paints, and linen, often have a timeless aesthetic that can enhance the overall appeal of your living space.

'Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are better for your health too limiting the amount of chemicals and microplastics in your home,' say Sophie and Simone. She also references the environmental benefits of this material choice. 'From an environmental perspective, choosing natural materials can contribute to sustainability. Natural materials don’t have to mean a neutral home so don’t forget to experiment with color,' add Sophie and Simone.


Neutral layered lighting living room

(Image credit: Patrick Biller, Design: Tiffany Leigh Design)

Ontario-based interior designer, Tiffany Leigh of Tiffany Leigh Design highlights the importance of lighting in 2024. Whilst we have seen a gradual rise in layered lighting over the last year, 2024 leans heavier into this soft and subtle technique.

For her Oak House project, layered living room lighting cleverly blends pendants with table lamps and wall sconces, each in ink-like hardware. Not only does this create a cohesive scheme, but it also allows her clients to light the room to their needs throughout the day. 'For years, builders and homeowners alike have considered pot lights as the go-to option for the lighting of rooms.

'I prefer a much more layered and intimate approach to lighting, using a mix of table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, and a great overhead fixture. Lighting is so crucial to how we experience a space, and I predict moodier, softer, comforting lighting will outpace bright pot lights in the coming years,' reveals Tiffany.


wood and black kitchen dining area

(Image credit: Veerle Evens, Design: Owl Design)

Designers and clients are acutely aware of the consequences of constant consumption on the planet and 2024 should be the year we take heed of this message if we haven’t done so already.

Founders of Owl Design, Sophie and Simone want the slow design to be the focus of 2024 and beyond. 'When updating your home this year, take it slowly. This encourages thoughtful, lasting choices in furniture or decor, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

'Take your time to research local craftsmen, as this not only supports the community but also reduces the environmental impact of long-distance shipping. The slow design movement also fosters a connection with your living space, as each item is chosen with care, contributing to a more meaningful and personalized home environment.' say Sophie and Simone.

When designing, consider the longevity, locality, and environmental footprint of the materials you choose whilst selecting finishes and pieces that you will love today and tomorrow. It’s a balancing act and takes time as the name indicates, but well worth it.


unlacquered brass bathroom

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop)

If you’re looking to make a small but impactful change to your interiors in 2024, unlacquered brass could be the answer. Unlike traditional brass, unlacquered brass presents a wonderful patina over time which adds a depth of color to your fixtures.

Featured in this Art-Deco-inspired bathroom designed by Californian interior designer, Lindye Galloway, unlacquered brass highlights the surrounding elements and adds just the right touch of metallic glow. 'Unlacquered brass will always be a go-to design choice I recommend. It has this beautifully aged look that is desirable to capture more of a vintage aesthetic and will only become more popular as we move away from bright brass,' says Lindye. For a truly authentic touch, consider antique fixtures for a modern bathroom with a twist.


Striped blue bedroom

(Image credit: Rachael Smith, Design: Owl Design)

Stripes may be one of the oldest design tricks in the book but that doesn’t mean they can’t create something new. This bright and blue-toned bedroom imagined by Owl Design is proof of that.

Stripes work on multiple levels in this design, from the small-scale striped wallpaper to the stripe-surrounded headboard and bedding. They add a sense of movement to the room whilst remaining elegant and inviting. Designers Sophie and Simone of Owl Design advocate for 2024 to be the year of more stripes.

'Add the odd stripe! We love using stripes as they are such a versatile pattern and are a great way to add some color and character to windows, furniture, or a room. Stripes can be used in furniture upholstery, striped accessories, or striped wallpaper and can make a space feel traditional, eclectic, or modern depending on how they are used,' they say. Have fun with your style of stripe too, we're seeing clever check-stripe hybrid patterns emerge, as well as a mix of wide and narrow stripe.


banquette with Pierre Frey wallpaper

(Image credit: Haio Studio - Emeline Hamon, Design: Virajo)

Utilizing space and providing a small sanctuary for you, French design studio, Virajo welcomes the introduction of more banquette seating and reading corners in homes this year.

Comfort is something we all seek from our homes, but it doesn’t always have to sacrifice style. 'The cocooning trend has experienced a comeback with the COVID-19 pandemic. People are looking for a cozy nook in their homes, a space to unwind, read or simply to dress.

'I like how a banquette can add coziness to your room making it feel more comfortable and intimate. It is also compact and creates space for extra storage inside,' says Sonia Lazowski, interior designer at Virajo.

Consider the possibilities within existing rooms to see where you might be able to carve out your banquette. 'Since a banquette is custom-made, there is an opportunity to add color and texture to your room. For this project, a banquette has been designed with a wood base and upholstered on the top with a vibrant velvet fabric. 'The orange blanquette stands out against the statement tropical wallpaper from Pierre Frey,' adds Sonia.


stained wood cabinets

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway)

Subtle finishes can be just as powerful as bolder ones when used correctly. Californian interior designer, Lindye Galloway encourages her clients to consider natural woods in softly stained hues for this year.

'I would love to see more stain-grade cabinets incorporated in 2024. While they have experienced popularity before, as we are steering more away from the all-white kitchen look, they are a great alternative that adds plenty of warmth to any room,' she says.

The benefits of stained wooden kitchen cabinets are they feel warm and inviting but are also more resilient thanks to their sealer. Consider a soft finish for a modern look when it comes to your kitchen or living room renovation. You can also balance the warmth of the wood with more cool-toned furniture and fixtures.


blue entryway

(Image credit: Julien Pepy Photography, Design: MIID Interior Design)

'Shades of green and blue will continue to feature brightly, with a trend towards nature, plants, and floral motifs,' says Marie Ingrid, founder of MIID.

This entrance design from her Rue Mizon project provides ample inspiration for those seeking to add some bold blue tones to their home this year. Blue is the perfect stepping stone for those seeking a bolder interior with its calming and soothing properties. This French navy hue specifically works well as features a hint of grey that makes it feel that much more neutral.

For those seeking a bit of handholding, opt for a more grey-toned blue for your rooms. The first step, of course, is to ask yourself if that entryway or bedroom would look just that much better in blue.


blue cooking range in neutral kitchen

(Image credit: L’Atelier Paris.)

Whilst we’ve seen much of the home reinvented over the last few years, kitchens can still feel like the safer spaces where color is kept to the walls or floor.

2024 expands on the personality and style of modern kitchen design with colorful cooking appliances and cooking ranges. Kitchen experts, at L’Atelier Paris, showcase how a bright blue cooking range can bring a neutral kitchen space to life, drawing your eye into the center of this space.

'We always encourage our clients to have fun when designing and updating their kitchens. We strive to bring joy and inspiration to the most important room in the house, the kitchen. L’Atelier Paris is the only cooking appliance manufacturer that offers customers the opportunity to design, configure, and create a customizable cooking range, hood, and kitchen island - within a fraction of an inch,' says Maria Moraes, creative director for L’Atelier Paris.

Personalizing your kitchen through both form and function enables this space to be much more than an area for food preparation and instead, a room to excite and inspire your family and friends as well as yourself.

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