5 Color Combinations Paint Experts Predict We Will Fall in Love With in 2024

These winning color combos are no doubt going to be at the top of your decorating wish list next year

Brown and pink living room
(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Red and pink, green and blush and beige and black are just a few of the sought-after wall color combinations we’ve seen grow in popularity throughout 2023. But what color pairings are going to top the charts in 2024? 

Simply consulting the color wheel is easier said than done. Knowing which colors complement each other and which ones contrast is simple logic, however putting them together successfully in a space is a totally different story.

Here are some paint ideas for walls and more that the experts are saying are going to be big in 2024.

1. Candy colors and earthy hues

Muted tiled bathroom

(Image credit: Kerry Vasquez)

Pastel colors and earthy tones may not immediately come to mind when considering the hottest paint color trend predictions for next year, however this is definitely a wall color combination we are going to see. Interior Designer Kerry Vasquez explains that ‘with the world feeling so heavy these days I think we could all use some curated delightfulness in our homes. As a result, I am seeing a general trend toward bold uses of color with either candy colored hues or my particular preference of feminine and earthy inspired color combinations.’

‘Don't be afraid to use these colors next to each other! I also like reinterpreting a light bright color as a neutral and using it in unexpected places like a primary bathroom or the kitchen. I used Benjamin Moore’s Light Mocha and Mellow Pink in the home of comedian Illiza Schlesinger and absolutely love the feminine whimsical touch these color choices create’. 

2. Yellow and cobalt blue

Yellow and cobalt blue paint interior

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

A color combination that’s at the other end of the vibrancy spectrum is bright yellow and cobalt blue. Not for the faint hearted, this color combination is definitely a loud and proud one. 

‘combining vibrant yellow with bold cobalt blue and bright white for a Mediterranean-inspired scheme that’s oh-so-sunny,' Helen Shaw, color expert at Benjamin Moore suggests. 'With sculptural silhouettes, bright stripes and checks, this fresh look channels Côte D’Azur vibes with a cheeky nod to the 1980s.'

3. Black and white

Black and white bathroom

(Image credit: Molly Culver. Design: Mary Patton)

Dare to go dark in 2024 and opt for a monochromatic color scheme. Flip the traditional white room with black accents on its head and instead use black as the main focal color and offset it with white or off-white fixtures and accessories.

Interior Designer Mary Patton says ’I like the concept of all of the common areas in the home painted white with one or two rooms painted a bold color. A powder bathroom is a great place for testing out a bold color combination, you can get really creative picking something unique, just like I did here’.  

4. Two-tone neutrals

Pink and brown painted walls

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Wall color combinations don’t have to boast an obvious clash, they can be subtle and understated instead. Helen Shaw from Benjamin Moore suggests ‘using shades of the same color to add a slight contrast to a space’. This will feel like less of a statement but will still add some visual interest and variation to a room through a monochromatic color scheme

Take inspiration from the Farrow & Ball living space pictured above, ‘the warm tones of Jitney and Stirabout create an earthy, reassuring atmosphere. When used together, they create a harmonious space that’s easy on the eyes. The subtle balance of Jitney on the walls and lighter Stirabout on the panels, ceiling and trim, result in a beguiling room with an ethereal quality’, explains Joa Studholme, Color Curator at Farrow & Ball.

5. Burgundy and blush

Minimalist brown interior

(Image credit: Erin Fetherstone x Anthropologie)

Wine coloured shades offer a rich depth to a space which can then be perfectly balanced with a lighter, more pastel shade to brighten things up - and this is one of the paint trends we're excited to see next year. Interior Designer Erin Fetherston claims ‘I think things are richening up for 2024. In terms of colors, I expect more wine colored shades like burgundy and merlot to emerge, paired with earthy shades of blush and deep hues of emerald and green’. 

‘Old world accents are taking center stage, but in a more minimalist approach where they have the opportunity to stand out versus being layered. I think people want to feel soulfulness in their spaces and will gravitate towards unique pieces with a story behind them’.

Becca Cullum-Green
Freelance writer

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