7 Modern Navy Blue Kitchens — From Color-Drenched Spaces to Timeless Two-Tone Cabinets

Navy blue cabinetry creates a feeling of laidback luxury while providing a classic base for almost any design style. Here are 7 modern navy kitchen cabinet ideas to inspire

Pale oak kitchen with dark blue back units, white marble countertop and backsplash, and black ceiling feature
(Image credit: Tim Hirschmann. Design by Brophy Interiors)

Navy blue kitchen cabinets are a smart alternative to black, offering moody sophistication and practicality in high-traffic spaces. They have been a popular choice for years, offering a good base for any design aesthetic and complementing a vast range of colors and materials.

Blue feels calming, reminding us of the sea and sky, and when we decorate with darker tones, we are able to create living spaces that feel classic. In a sense, navy works as a neutral, so it's a good option for a modern kitchen that might also have other colors and textures, such as blacks and grays, wood tones, and even sunny oranges like terracotta.

Of course, cabinets are a fundamental part of any kitchen, taking up a lot of surface area and impacting how the space feels. Below, we have hand-picked seven examples of modern navy blue kitchen cabinetry — none of which are nautical inspired — to inspire you to pick up a paint brush.

1. Pair with white counters and tiles

navy blue and white kitchen

(Image credit: Miss Alice Designs)

As seen in the scheme shown above, modern navy blue kitchen cabinets look classic when paired with white kitchen worktops in a quartz or granite, creating a two-tone kitchen design that feels liveable and timeless.

According to kitchen designer Priya Vj, choosing a white or beige countertop is the 'best way to help navy blue cabinets pop' — as the deep navy against the bright counter provides visual contrast and adds depth to the overall aesthetic of the room.

'This will also allow your fixtures to stand out against the cabinets since they won't be competing visually with the countertops,' adds Priya. Gold or brass hardware creates a timeless look and adds an element of warmth and luxury, while chrome is much more cool-toned. You could consider Carrara marble worktops and then opt for Icestone in blue and gray on the kitchen island to create subtle contrast.

2. Soften with cream-colored shiplap

kitchen with navy cabinetry, cream shiplap and stone fireplace

(Image credit: Rumor Designs / David Patterson Photography)

Choosing your kitchen color ideas can feel like a big commitment, as the kitchen is one of the most frequented parts of the home, and we often second-guess ourselves when going for a darker color. The key is to remember that the cabinets are just one part of the puzzle, and bold cabinets will help the room make a statement when the whole space comes together.

The other elements of the room, from kitchen shelving and decor to rugs, hardware and wall paint colors, can all soften the overall impression of the space. Interior designer Kathy Kuo says, 'You can also create a beautiful sense of contrast by pairing navy blue with ecru, beige, or a warm white.'

In the image above, Rumor Designs painted the shiplap in a creamy, oat-milk neutral that balances out the dark blue cabinets and lends the space an uplifting yet cozy feel.

3. Add luxe with gold hardware

navy blue kitchen cabinetry with sink and gold tap

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Gold is a color that goes with navy blue beautifully, and we think it creates an effortlessly stylish look. 'Gold or brass-colored hardware will add warmth and a more upscale feel to the cabinets,' says Priya Vj. 'Navy and gold is a timeless combination.'

There are no rules when it comes to mixing metals, so the choice is yours when it comes to light fittings and taps — in this kitchen, painted in Benjamin Moore's 'Hale Navy', the use of gold on the tap and hardware creates an opulent feel, contrasting nicely with the black Crittall-style window.

4. Employ a contrasting color scheme

navy blue kitchen with marble countertops and yellow tongue and groove

(Image credit: Original BTC)

Navy is incredibly versatile — it kind of goes with everything, so it's no wonder that it's been such an enduring kitchen trend given how easy it works with other colors and materials.

You might choose modern navy blue kitchen cabinets with white worktops, and then incorporate a third color on the walls or through the decor, as seen in the sunny kitchen above. 'If you want a more energetic space, try using complementary colors that play off the blue, like oranges and yellows,' says interior designer Abby Hetherington.

Since navy blue is on the cool end of the color spectrum, Abby suggests adding energy and warmth with ochres or rust oranges — these will contrast beautifully with the blue. You could also pair it with a moody jewel tone, from plum to peacock and even emerald.

'Light blues, greens and wood tones such as walnut complement navy nicely,' adds interior designer Alice Chiu. 'Terracotta accessories add warmth and playfulness, balancing out the cool blue navy.'

5. Tie navy cabinets and white tiles together with a patterned tile

navy blue kitchen with patterned flooring

(Image credit: Bakes & Kropp)

Navy blue cabinetry has a sophisticated feel that lends itself to sleek city townhouses, but on Shaker-style cabinets with silver hardware, it can look much more homey and in keeping with a country cottage aesthetic.

If you're going for navy blue cabinets and white worktops and tiles, try using these colors as a jumping-off point for your kitchen floor tiles, as seen in the example above. The patterned tile brings visual interest and playfulness while making the room feel cohesive. It also draws the eye across the room, potentially making a small kitchen look bigger.

6. Blend with warm wood tones

kitchen in hague blue with wooden beams

(Image credit: Rumor Designs / David Patterson Photography)

For a rustic feel, you can mix navy blue cabinets with reclaimed wood ceiling beams or even use old scaffolding boards to create open shelving. Similarly, you could give the navy blue cabinets a more traditional and country aesthetic by choosing natural wooden worktops over more contemporary white and black kitchen countertops .

'Wooden or butcher block countertops also go well with navy blue, adding warmth and rustic charm, but they require higher maintenance,' warns Alice Chiu.

The kitchen cabinetry shown above, by Rumor Designs, is dark blue, but the addition of wooden shelving, beams, and flooring means it looks and feels cozy and soulful.

Katie Burnet, lead designer at Rumor Designs says the team used 'Hague Blue' by Farrow & Ball. 'A reclaimed wood faux beam was added which helped define the kitchen area in the open-concept living space, especially alongside the gold and white accents,' says Katie.

She feels that navy blue is timeless and when it comes to incorporating color, blue tones are very approachable. 'Blue tones can also work across different locations from coastal to mountainside,' Katie adds.

7. Go monochrome by color-drenching

navy blue kitchen cabinetry and wall with storage ladder

(Image credit: deVOL)

Navy blue is a great base for a range of design schemes. If you are thinking of painting your kitchen cabinets yourself, two of our favorite paint options are 'Stiffkey Blue' by Farrow & Ball, an inky blue, and 'Railings' by Farrow & Ball, a soft black with blue undertones.

You can save yourself time (and remove the need for painter's tape) by opting for a color-drenched scheme. 'For a dramatic look, paint the walls and cabinets the same shade of deep navy blue to create a monochromatic cocoon,' says interior designer Abby Hetherington.

If this feels like a step too far, another option is to combine different shades of blue. 'Depending on the desired outcome, you can layer tones of blues together to create a calming monochromatic look that is very on-trend,' Abby suggests.

Alternatively, you can invite in some blue-gray or gray tones: 'A nice slate gray for countertops is sure to look really chic with blue cabinets,' Kathy Kuo assures. 'Gray and blue often pair well together and complement one another without creating too much sameness to the eye.'

What colour blue is best for kitchen cabinets?

'There's no right answer — you can make any shade of blue work,' kitchen expert Priya Vj says. 'Pastel or pale blues are great for a softer aesthetic. Bronze, black, or satin nickel hardware will look best in a light blue kitchen like this.'

'A navy blue is timeless and an easy way to add more color and visual interest without doing anything too over-the-top,' she adds. 'I'd stick to gold hardware for a classic look or polished silvers for something more modern. A slate gray or steel blue is also a beautiful option.'

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