4 Kitchen Pan Drawer Organizers That are Going Viral — Professional Organizers Approve, too

Stop stacking your pans and hoping they’ll look tidy (they never will!) Get your hands on one or more of these kitchen pan drawer organizers instead

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Keeping a kitchen organized is very time consuming. It can look clean and tidy on the surface but once you open the cupboards or drawers then it can be a completely different story.

When there’s hidden clutter like this it can make you feel negative about your entire kitchen storage space so it’s best to conjure up a solution. Before diving head first into what the best organization tools and gadgets might be to help you organize your kitchen drawers, professional organizer Ben Soreff from H2H Organizing tells us what should be the first port of call.

How to start organizing your kitchen pans

Ben says that the first thing you should do is to have a review of your pots and pans. ‘Before you purchase any organizational system, you first must determine the quantity. Over the years you may have accumulated multiple pots and pan and also switched cooking and baking techniques’. 

‘After reviewing everything, focus on the pots and pans you use often. The review should also cut down on the number of lids, which funnily enough can be the most annoying thing to organize’, explains Ben. 

Ben insists that ‘the best organizers have vertical storage but require space that most people don't have. The only way to truly organize your pots and pans is to limit the quantity. Any organizing solution that is too complicated or promises to do it all, will simply not work’. That’s why, more often than not, the most simplistic solution is the best one.

1. Peg board organizers


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When it comes to how to organize a kitchen, the ‘Peggy’ drawer organizer tray is a game changer to keep drawers tidy. It’s a super versatile piece of equipment that can adapt to whatever size cupboard or drawer you may have. 

This pegboard drawer organizer from Amazon comes with 16 pegs that can be used to create different storage solutions that will be able to stack your pots, pans and lids neatly. The reason why this has become so popular is that, unlike a fixed rack, the pegs can be moved whenever you wish, so you’ll always be able to store what you need to.

2. Kitchen pan racks


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For a more traditional storage solution to organize kitchen cabinets, you may want to consider this kitchen pan rack to solve your drawer dilemma. This pan organizer from Amazon has 14 adjustable dividers to hold up to 13 pieces of kitchenware and it can be freely adjusted whenever you want it to be. 

You won’t need to repurchase this rack if you add to your pot collection because it is expandable so it can grow with you and your family’s kitchen needs.

3. A versatile pan shelf


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If you’re thinking about taking Ben’s advice for how to organize kitchen cabinets and would prefer to opt for vertical storage that uses the most out of the height of your cupboards then this may be the perfect item for you. Because of its height, it will only work with drawers that are fairly deep, like ones that you would regularly see built into a kitchen island. 

The Mudeela 8-tier pan rack from Amazon prides itself on being sturdier than other similar kitchen storage items because it has a flat-heel design that ensures a secure grip and a hefty load capacity, meaning you don’t have to worry about it collapsing.

4. A pot lid organizer


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These pot lid organizers are simple but ever so effective! Stacking pots and pans often isn’t the main cluttering issue, it’s the lids that simply won’t stack on top of each other. These nifty little things will fix that problem in a second. You just stick the organizer onto the side of your drawers and the lids neatly slide in, meaning they are easily storable and accessible. It's a trick used already for how to organize pan lids, so include that in your plans, too.

As long as your pan lids are between 6-13 inches, they will fit inside this universal organizer from Amazon. You don’t need to worry about them peeling off either as they use thickened USA standard adhesives that are water resistant. You just need to wait one minute for them to be fully stuck on to the wall or side of a drawer and you can go ahead and use them.

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