'They're one of the hardest things to store!' – 6 ways to organize your pan lids effectively according to pro declutterers

These organizer-approved solutions make it easy to find your pot and pan lids when you need them

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A truly organized kitchen goes way beyond what you see on the surface. Yes, clutter-free countertops and beautifully arranged shelves will make your space more aesthetically pleasing as well as efficient, but you also need practical solutions for the problematic items that are typically hidden out of site. A case in point? Pan lids. 

Finding space for your pots and pans is one thing, but those pesky lids often stray from their counterpart, easily lost in the chaos of your cabinets. When it comes to how to organize a kitchen, you'll want to find a way to organize your lids separately. Not only does it allow you to find your lids when you need them, but it makes it easier to stack and store your pans, too. 

'Lid storage can be tough, but there is usually a right solution for every kitchen - a lid for every pot so to speak!' explains professional organizer Melissa Gugni. Whether you have a sprawling kitchen with tonnes of storage or a small kitchen with limited space, we've compiled some smart solutions to help you keep on top of your lids.

1. Store together where possible

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It might not be a groundbreaking approach to pan lid storage, but if you're blessed with enough space, it helps to store pots together with their lids. For those with small kitchens, this method is probably out of the question, but if you have enough room within your cabinets or on your open shelving to give each pan pride of place, then it's by far the easiest way to keep on top of your lids' whereabouts (and there are no more guessing games as you try to match lid to pan, either!). 

If space is at a premium, then at least store your individual lids together, rather than letting them spill over your cabinet shelves. Rather than laying them face down, it's best to find a way to keep them contained. 'You can use a bin, basket, or repurpose a plate rack to keep them in order,' suggests Julie Peak, professional organizer at The Precise Place. We love free-standing storage bins like the one below to help categorize the contents inside your cabinets. 

2. Invest in a lid organizer 

If you don't have the means to keep pots and lids together, the next best thing is a designated lid organizer. For the inside of cabinets, the best option is one that lies flat, like a dish rack. 

'Standing lid organizers like these can also be stored inside a deep drawer or on a kitchen countertop,' says Melissa Gugni. 'Unless it's a very large kitchen with plenty of workspace, the latter is my least favorite option, but sometimes there just isn't room for it to be tucked away. When shopping, it's best to buy an adjustable one that works for all sizes of lids.' 

3. For small kitchens, use a door mounted holder

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If room inside your kitchen cabinets is already limited, you might need to look for some clever space-saving solutions when it comes to organizing your pan lids. 'If you're really short on space, consider storing your lids on the back of your cabinet door,' suggests Julie. One of the best ways to do this is with a wall-mounted lid organizer.

'One downside is that unless the door is very oversized, large pot lids won't fit,' notes Melissa. 'I find most people don't use the huge pots and pans too frequently so if this is the case, store them up higher with less used equipment to maximize space inside your cabinet.' Failing that, you could also fix your lid organizer to the wall next to your hob instead. This way, you'll have even easier access to your lids when you need them. 

4. Maximize space with adhesive lid organizers

If you're a renter, screwing a wall-mounted kitchen organizer to the wall or cabinet door might be out of the question. In this case - or if you're simply looking for a less permanent solution - you'll be pleased to learn that adhesive lid organizers also exist.

'Stick-on lid holders are great for folks with small cookware collections,' says Melissa. 'I like that they can be stuck onto the inside wall of a deep cabinet or even in a storage closet if the kitchen is very small. They're perfect for odd-shaped spaces where all the lids can't easily be stored together.' Since they typically just hold a single lid, it also gives you the freedom to arrange multiple ones together with the exact number that you need. 

5. Use a peg organizer inside drawers

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Many modern kitchens come with deep drawers these days which, although a great storage option, are notoriously difficult to keep organized. If you're hoping to store your pot lids within a drawer but a free-standing lid organizer doesn't fit, consider a pegboard infill to keep all your drawer contents contained. 

The advantage of these modular storage options is they're fully customizable, so you're lids are guaranteed to fit. Plus, the next time you treat yourself to a brand-new pan, you can easily make space for it (and its lid) by adding or moving pegs as necessary. 

6. If you have the budget, use built-in options

'While they require a bit more work, there are built-in options that can also be a great storage solution,' says Melissa. 'You can buy pull-out drawer mechanisms for lids that fit within your existing cabinets and keep lids tidy while still saving room for storing other things in the cabinet.' If you're having a full-scale kitchen remodel, consider discussing options like these with your fitters as they might have similar solutions on offer.

However, as demonstrated, upping your kitchen storage game doesn't have to be costly or involve complex installation. Keep your lids contained with one of these solutions and your kitchen won't only be less cluttered, but a more efficient place to cook.

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