8 Home Offices With Sofa Beds That Will Show You How to Design a Versatile Space

Home offices often have to double as guest bedrooms — but with the right sofa bed you don't have to skimp on style

jade green home office with curved furniture and sofa bed
(Image credit: Gillian Segal Design)

Over the last few years, the quintessential home office has seen a massive change. Today this space embodies function and fun in equal measure. And, a big addition to this room is the sofa bed. Offering respite and a laid-back appeal, this furniture piece definitely adds value to the room. But can it be as stylish as it is functional?

Here, interior designers offer insights into how this piece can be integrated into the home office, and the dos and don’ts of styling it. Take a look and find out how to make the workroom a more easy-going, versatile space.

1. Consider a custom piece

light wooden contemporary home office with blue sofa bed

(Image credit: THE CAPPIELLO)

This small home office makes the most of the space with a bespoke design that wraps around the room. Not only does it give the room a sense of balance, but also connects the sofa bed to the desk, shelving, and cabinetry.

The result is an office that feels intentional, built to serve the needs of its inhabitants. 'A custom millwork office in neutral stained oak is accented by a pop of color with this custom sofa bed, in a Raf Simmons Pilot Blue and gold fabric from Kvadrat,” explain Jerry Cappiello and Liong The, principals of design team, THE CAPPIELLO. Prioritize soothing lighter woods to keep your joinery and millwork feeling fresh and inviting as darker tones can be overwhelming in smaller spaces.

2. Make it colorful

jade green home office with curved furniture and sofa bed

(Image credit: Gillian Segal Design)

Work spaces with sofa beds don’t have to be devoid of color and personality as proven by this dreamy jade green, modern home office by Gillian Segal Design.

The designer plays with soft curves through her choice of paneling and joinery, all of which echo the gently rounded sofa bed and armchair.

'When choosing a sofa bed, the first thing to keep in mind is comfort — there is nothing worse than sleeping on a horribly lumpy sofa bed,' says Gillian Segal. founder of Gillian Segal Design. 'The second consideration is of course aesthetics – so I always look for sofa beds that are well-disguised. Lee Industries and American Leather both produce some very comfortable options that look fantastic.'

3. Keep the sofa bed connected to the surroundings

blue sofa bed with brown panelling

(Image credit: Chad Mellon, Design: Huma Sulaiman Design)

Contemporary interior designer, Huma Sulaiman doesn’t shy away from making the sofa bed a striking accent in the home office. In fact, she believes it helps to work from home effectively. Upholstered in a vibrant teal hue, the sofa greets guests as they enter the office and adds energy to the scheme.

'Adding a sleeper sofa creates a multi-purpose home office, especially for our clients who do not want to dedicate a whole room for the occasional overnight guests,' says Huma Sulaiman, founder of Huma Sulaiman Design. 'And when they are not hosting guests, the sofa provides another lounging area in the home, where one can read while the other works at the desk. For this project, we partnered with Resource Furniture to custom design this sleeper sofa bed for our client who wanted the flexibility to use their office area as a guest area too.'

4. Add a decor touch to the seater with stripes

home office with striped sofa bed

(Image credit: Anne Sage)

Stripes suggest formality, whether it's elegant pinstripe suits or colorful trim. As such, they feel right at home with office designs, and this project from blogger and interior designer, Anne Sage, showcases a softer side to the distinctive pattern.

The sofa bed seamlessly blends with the striped wallpaper, and doesn't feel out of place. This is one of the many ways designers make home offices look better. The serene color palette and kilim-inspired rug temper the stripes and make the room feel warmer and more welcoming as both an office and guest bedroom.

'My client planned to use this as her home office — her first “real” office after years of working from home in her bedroom — and in honor of the big step up, we knew we needed to make it extra special,' explains blogger and interior designer, Anne Sage. 'I asked her a lot of questions about how she works, what her dream setup would look like, etc. and this space was born! Some of her callouts included a spot above her desk for doing storyboarding, a place to relax and take breaks without having to leave the room and go into the rest of the house, and lots of storage. In terms of aesthetics, the client described herself as “recovering boho”— she’d long loved the warmth and textural aspects of boho style but wanted the office to feel like a grownup and more modern evolution of the boho style she’d gone for in the past, to reflect the evolution that was happening in her career.'

5. Add side tables to the sofa bed for convenience

home office with blue velvet sofa bed and fireplace

(Image credit: Ema Peter, Design: Sophie Burke Design)

'It's a good idea to include a sofa bed that has a coffee table, that can easily be moved and is small enough to tuck out of the way,' says Sophie Burke, founder of Sophie Burke Design. 'And include end tables, so your guests have a surface to use as bedside tables. It’s also worth noting that a floor lamp next to the sofa can do double duty as a bedside lamp.'

Also, for those seeking to create an inviting home office should consider a fireplace. It will not only add light to the home office but also keep the guests warm at all times.

Lean into a warm and welcoming palette and materials that add texture and warmth so the room transitions well from office to guest room. The fireplace helps to add a sense of warmth with the flickering of firelight. 'The warm light is visually calming and makes the space feel more like an inviting living area than just a functional office,' adds Burke.

6. Opt for relaxed elegance with a bench bed

white Parisian apartment with bench sofa bed

(Image credit: HAIO Studio, Design: Virajo)

Create a contemporary yet relaxed atmosphere in your home office with a bench bed, or a daybed for small spaces. Layers of upholstery and cushions make for a colorful and comforting escape for the owner of this home office and their guests.

Realised by Paris-based agency, Virajo, this is a space that doesn’t feel overly prescriptive in its use of a sofa bed, allowing the piece to function as a center for respite. 'In this room, showcasing an ornate stained-glass window, the owner set up his office, with a desk and a bench area to recline during breaks,' says Sonia Lazowski, senior designer at Virajo. 'We kept the desk at the back of the room near the stained-glass window and designed a rounded cabinet to follow the rounded walls and Haussmann-style wall moldings.'

7.  Let the sofa bed be the centerpiece

grey and pink home office with sofa bed

(Image credit: Aaron Leitz, Design: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design)

Minimal in its design aesthetic, this home office, home library and guest room still makes a big statement with its cushioned sofa bed and mirrored backdrop. Not only does this draw your eye to the most comforting element of the room, but it also keeps this room from feeling too serious in nature.

The office desk, shelving, and an abundance of storage, show that it’s fit for function but not enslaved to it. 'With the client’s desire for a serene and flexible space and a need for storage in a small room, we created a “rainy day room” that doubles as a guest room, lounge area, and office, in various shades of warm greys, and pinks, with blue accents,' explains Portland-based interior designer, Jessica Helgerson, founder of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. 'A mirrored wall behind the sofa bed maximizes light and draws strong design elements like the mobile over the dining table into the room.'

8. Keep the work and play separate

home office with sofa bed and walnut joinery

(Image credit: HAIO Studio, Design: Virajo)

The rich character and color of walnut can fully be appreciated in this home office. The stone carpeted floor and ceiling contrast the darkness of the wood and blue paneling while allowing plenty of light to reflect around the room.

The sofa sits perpendicular to the desk, creating a subtle separation between work and play. 'In this project, we turned the boy's bedroom into the father’s study, after he left to study abroad,' says Sonia. 'We created the perfect home office while keeping a sofa bed so the son could still sleep there when he returned for the holidays. I designed an entire wall of desk and library shelves for the office space and another wall for cupboards and the sofa bed'.

Sonia also shares how this project’s distinctive style helps to create an escape for her clients: 'We used American walnut veneer for the made-to-measure cupboards and shelves, giving the study a contemporary and masculine style, and allowing the owner to slip seamlessly into work mode in this new space. The wall next to the desk was paneled with factory-painted brackets, with a dark finish to give the wall greater relief and verticality, contrasting with the rounded desk and library module.'

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