Hilary Duff's Curved White Couch Proves That This Sofa Trend Isn't Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

I'll be honest — I thought boucle would be done by now. But a recent perusal of Instagram makes me think I might be wrong about that ...

Hilary Duff
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As a former Disney Channel kid, you can forgive me for being just a teensy bit obsessed with Hilary Duff; the actress-turned-singer-turned-trendsetter has always been easy to root for, even in her early days on Lizzie McGuire. To me, she was and always will be the It Girl for my generation (and that’s not just because my first concert was a stop on her iconic Metamorphosis tour).

Now, however, I turn to Hilary for advice on things like home design and decor, instead of what to do if you meet an international pop star on your class trip to Rome. At this point, she has the credentials to back her up; she’s involved in numerous business projects, like her role as chief brand director for home fragrance brand Below 60°, and even earned herself a coveted home tour with Architectural Digest back in 2020, among other accomplishments.

So it probably comes as no surprise that I constantly scour her Instagram for new furniture or decor ideas I can pass along to Livingetc readers; not only do I love the woman, but her style is just that good. And I’ll tell you one thing I think she might be right about, whether she knows it or not: Boucle, the loopy, teddy-like fabric that characterized 2023 in interior design, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

If you’ve paid a lick of attention to the home design space in the last year and a half, you’ve certainly noticed the boucle mania. Its trademark texture covers nearly every accent chair, couch, and bench from all the best home decor brands, who have churned out these fuzzy pieces with an almost concerning efficiency. Back in January, we predicted boucle was consequentially on its way out; too much of a good thing is still too much. But it’s starting to seem that we were wrong. Case in point: Hilary’s curved white boucle sofa, identifiable in slide 2 of a recent Instagram post.

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‘Boucle was everywhere during Milan Design Week,’ says Livingetc Editor Hugh Metcalf, who attended last month's prestigious design event. ‘You got the sense that, without boucle, there would have been no furniture to show.’

‘Boucle fabric is still really popular in fashion and interior design’ because its texture and aesthetic ‘give it a kind of timeless charm,’ even as trends change, adds Milly McEwan, product and design manager at RJ Living. It brings a ‘combination of comfort and texture’ that is in keeping with sophisticated design schemes, while its ‘tactile surface’ creates visual interest that ‘can make a normal design look a bit more dynamic.’

A white boucle couch in a well-lit living room with floral curtains

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Plus, boucle really can make for a good couch material — so it seems like Hilary is truly onto something with hers. It’s ‘pretty durable and doesn’t show wear as much as some other fabrics,’ which makes ‘it a really good choice for a piece of furniture that is used often,’ Milly explains. The best boucle sofas are also versatile, which ‘allows them to seamlessly blend into various design styles, from modern to traditional, ensuring their continued popularity,’ adds Rita Teichner, principal designer at DDIY Interiors.

Have I convinced you yet? Because I think I’ve convinced myself. As a result, you know I couldn’t resist throwing together a quick boucle shopping edit for anyone looking to replicate Hilary’s couch or just throw a few trendy boucle pillows onto their own. What can I say? It's what I do.

Your quick boucle shopping edit

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