The 15 Most On-Trend Sofas — Expert Advice for Styles That Will Actually Last for Years

Buying a new on-trend sofa can feel overwhelming if you don't know where or how to begin. Luckily, our style editor Brigid Kennedy has found all of the best couches for you

A living room painted in a light warm grey
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Take it from me — shopping can be quite hard. It's not easy buying an on-trend sofa. First, you need to work out which of the current styles you're after, and then you need to decide if the fabric, shape and vibe of the moment is practical for how you live.

But fortunately the best couches and sofas right now are super easy to live with, and I think that because of that they'll stay as sofa trends for the next few years to come. 'Considering that a couch is a significant investment, prioritize longevity over short-term trends,' said Aino Heinasuo, head of design at Redecor, a home design simulator available on both desktop and mobile platforms. 'Opt for a piece aligned with your own enduring preferences.' Shawn Zar, an interior designer and furniture expert at Superior Seating, agreed with that sentiment: 'While it's great to follow trends, it's more important that your couch reflects your style and meets your comfort needs,' he said. 'After all, trends will come and go, but a good couch can be the heart of your home for years.'

If you are inclined towards on-trend sofas, though, 'selecting a couch with replaceable covers provides an eco-friendly and flexible option for potential changes in taste' down the line, Aino suggested. You should also pay careful attention to the dimensions of any contenders on your list; 'Always, always measure your space before making any purchases, posited Joyce Huston, lead interior designer & co-founder at Decorilla Online Interior Design. 'It doesn’t matter the trend, if it swallows your entire living room, it may not be the perfect choice for you. Just go for sizes that will complement your space.'

Of course, to follow the couch trends you must first know what they are. So let's now dive into the styles, fabrics, and more that are expected to dominate the interior design trends in 2024, guided by insights from our A+ slate of interior design experts.

The on-trend sofa shape of 2024

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A modern living room featuring an olive green modular sofa designed by Mario Bellini

The Camaleonda sofa by B&B Italia

(Image credit: B&B Italia)

Expect sectional sofas like Ligne Roset's iconic Togo sofa and Mario Bellini's Camaleonda to dominate this year, Aino told me. 'Embracing organic shapes and curves, the style gravitates towards spacious, plush sofas with concealed or absent legs, creating a grounded, floor-to-sofa aesthetic.' 

Shawn is in total agreement with her prediction and separately suggested considering a modular couch for its versatility. 'It's perfect for adapting to different spaces and seating needs,' he said.

The on-trend sofa fabric of 2024

A living room with a green velvet sofa and a neutral colored rug

Velvet looks offers the luxe plushness we all crave right now

(Image credit: Emma Carberry (@formandbalance))

According to Shawn, the leading fabrics of the year 'include velvet for its luxurious look and comfort, as well as durable textiles that can withstand daily use,' he told me. Aino thought similarly: 'Stepping away from the white delicate bouclé trend of 2023, the focus shifts to smooth, easy-to-maintain fabrics with a soft velvety look.'

'Velvet will give couches the flair they will lack in shape since more sober lines and classic designs will be back,' Joyce posited. That said, however, linen sofas 'will be the perfect complement to the traditional sofa comeback in homes with rustic and beach vibes,' she went on. 'I’m talking about a robust, heavy sofa covered in linen that will envelop guests in cozy yet fresh vibes.'

The on-trend sofa color of 2024

living room with curved pink sofa in front of two large windows, parquet floors, white walls

Dusty rose will be one of the big colors this year

(Image credit: Pernille Loof, 1stDibs. Design: Rafael de Cárdenas, Ltd)

Expect to see lots of natural shades like 'beiges, browns, and grays' this year, but also some 'muted colors and earth tones that bring warmth to the space,' Shawn told me. Aino agreed with the enduring penchant for neutrals but called out 'muted burgundy, rich blue, powerful pink, and warm yellow' as 'vibrant hues' she expects to break through. 'A sofa can truly be a statement piece, and color allows you to make that statement more than anything else!' she said.

Meanwhile, after agreeing that 'green and warm neutrals like gray and brown aren't going anywhere in 2024,' Joyce threw another color possibility into the trend equation: dusty rose. 'It’s a very subtle and chic tone that brings color to living spaces without disrupting neutral schemes,' she said of the shade. Plus, it 'blends perfectly with the greens, browns, and peaches that clients are loving at the moment, so it will integrate seamlessly into the current aesthetic.'

The most on-trend couches for 2024

What are the best tips for styling a couch?

For starters, you can try to 'mix and match pillows and blankets,' Joyce suggested. 'Play with the textures, patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes to create more visual interest and dimension to your couch without doing [180-degree] overwhelming shifts.' 

Generally, though, you'll want to 'aim for a balanced pillow arrangement,' Aino added separately. 'Max 4-5 pillows on a regular 3-seater sofa, strategically placed on each side, and optionally one in the middle for an inviting and visually appealing setup.'

A rug will completely change the vibe here, as will lighting, Joyce went on. 'By layering different lighting sources you can create an amazing ambiance in your living space that will complement your couch.' And 'if you’re into seasonal decor, you can change small elements like throws, pillows, and coffee table decor to keep the couch as it is while still looking fresh with every passing season.'

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