Firewood storage ideas – 7 ways to store logs that will enhance your home's interiors

The right firewood storage ideas can make displaying your fireplace fuel a cozy feature of your home and garden

firewood storage in a modern home
(Image credit: Gus Macdonald. Design: The Stylesmiths)

With chillier days approaching, we can't help but turn our attention to our fireplaces. It's the perfect time of year to start checking a fireplace is ready for the winter months, but it might also be time to consider your home's firewood storage ideas, too. Keep firewood close at hand is essential for keeping your fire well stoked, but how can you display it in a way that doesn't ruin your home's aesthetic appeal? 

Cut firewood can be, in our opinion, a beautiful addition to a space. When stacked vertically or horizontally, wood brings an effortless warmth and coziness, so it's common to see logs incorporated alongside your fireplace as part of an interior design scheme. 

Whether you choose a symmetrical or asymmetrical design, a contemporary or traditional style, here are some great ideas for firewood storage that are not only practical, but beautiful, too. 

Aditi Sharma Maheshwari
Aditi Sharma Maheshwari

Aditi is a homes writer and editor with several years of experience. Her articles, backed by expert insights, offer suggestions aimed at helping readers make the best home design choices. For this article, she gathered her favorite examples of firewood storage from modern, design-forward homes. 

How can I display firewood in my home and garden?

Storing firewood indoors is a great way to ensure it stays dry and ready to burn, but the right outdoor storage solution can also keep logs dry enough. Modern log stores can be a brilliant feature for a stylish backyard, so don't rule out an outdoor option, especially for overflow storage. 

While there are plenty of firewood storage ideas that are easy to add to an existing scheme, think wrought iron log stores and woven baskets, but for a charming detail, why not look to built-in options to create a feature of your firewood?

1. Store firewood under built-in seating

An outdoor place with firewood stored under the seating

(Image credit: Firewood storage ideas-Cos Design. Photo credit Tim Turner)

If you have an outdoor fireplace and aren't sure about where to store the wood, a great idea is by placing it under built-in backyard seating. This ensures firewood is easily accessible and protected from inclement weather. The rough texture of your firewood can make an effortless statement, especially with the addition of garden lighting. Consider adding LED lights or diffused lighting to showcase every grain.

'This cantilevered concrete bench seat was created by formed concrete and fully engineered for strength and longevity,' says Steve Taylor, founder of COS Design. 'The bench was then clad in bluestone and finished with miter cuts. We lit it up with LED strip lighting and the space under the bench was used for timber storage. Not only is this functional but if stacked well becomes its feature.'

2. Stack the wood on open shelving

A fireplace with wood stored above a storage unit

(Image credit: JL Design. Photo credit Reagan Taylor Photography)

The organic and textural look of wood can make for a great statement, especially if you're looking to liven up a small living room fireplace. Frame your logs like artwork and display them on an open shelf, filling up wall space and creating an earthy interior in the process. Plus, wood tones are a great contrast against other materials. In this case, the wood stands out beautifully against the white brick wall for a modern rustic look.

'To provide functionality and style, we simply stacked firewood on top of the built-in cabinet on the outdoor covered porch,' says Jessica Davis, founder of JL Design. 'We love the warmth and the texture that this look provides.'

Keep in mind that drywall is susceptible to damage, so take care when placing your wood inside an alcove like this.

3. Create a  built-in niche for firewood

An open storage unit by the fireplace

(Image credit: Boutique Developments)

Fill up a living room corner, niche or alcove with firewood and create an accent wall that's unique and eye-catching. 

'The clients wanted a nice cozy open plan space, therefore the lounge and dining room were knocked through to achieve this,' says Carine Harrington, founder of Boutique Developments. 'The clients loved real fires and wanted to make more of a feature of the two fireplaces they had.

Previously the room had a large log basket, which took up a lot of valuable floor space. 'The alcoves on each side of the fireplace were not being used at all and the alcove on the right was the perfect and practical alternative for storing the logs,' Carine says. 'We also found a local log company who brilliantly cut the logs to size, and kept the details on file so reordering was quick and easy.'

4. Create an indoor log store 

A storage unit with a sliding door

(Image credit: Aspen&Ivy. Photo credit Nat Kay Photography)

If you're unsure of how your firewood will look displayed out in the open, consider clever living room storage ideas, like a built-in storage unit with a sliding door. Pocket or barn doors help save space, especially if you have a tiny living room or bedroom. 

'You can store firewood indoors in two ways, either in custom built-in storage or a stylish free-standing log-holder,' says Catherine Staples, the lead designer of Aspen & Ivy. 'With custom built-in storage, horizontal storage is the easiest to fill, pull logs from and re-fill. Tall vertical storage looks amazing but can be challenging to pull logs out of.' 

'Lining your custom storage in wood or metal looks great and will help make the storage area more durable,' Catherine adds. 

5. Store it alongside the wood burner

a fireplace with logs stored in

(Image credit: James Merrell)

The most convenient place to store wood logs is of course, within the fireplace. Consider bringing in a modern, smart fireplace unit with a built-in section for wood. 

'Storage for wood and kindling is often overlooked,' says Jon Butterworth, director at Arada Stoves. 'People fill the fireplace with an appliance and are then left wondering where to put the fuel to use it. There are a few options to store your wood. You can either build wood storage into the wall, opt for a wood basket within easy access to the fireplace or choose an optional or integral wood burning stove with a log store underneath.'

If you're using a wood burner within a fireplace, logs could also sit either side of the stove, as in this fireplace idea. 


6. Or in another fireplace

firewood storage in a fireplace

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

Many heritage homes have multiple fireplaces, but in their modern usage, often only the fireplace in the living room is in use. Rather than leaving fireplaces empty, or even ripping them out, many people choose to use a fireplace alcove to store logs for a decorative display.

7. Stack the logs under shelving

Wood burner in white living room with built in books shelves

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

As part of your living rooms shelving ideas, stacked logs can add some variety to your decor. Decorating bookshelves with colorful paperbacks and curios can be a big task over a larger shelving unit, so adding earthy firewood to the lower sections can fill space and provide useful storage. 

Most bookcases are only about 12 inches deep, so make sure your wood is cut to that length or shorter when you buy for a snug and tidy fit.

Do I need a rack to store firewood?

You must store your firewood in a safe spot with the best conditions. Go for special firewood racks that keep wood safely ventilated and protected from moisture and pests, plus are waterproof.

'We tend to include a fire fender which has space available inside it, ideal for stacking up logs,' says Emma Deterding, founder of Kelling Designs. 'This is ideal from a practical perspective, but it also adds texture and dimension to the fireplace as it's always beautiful to see firewood stacked up. It also means you do not have to have a basket or box adjacent to the fireplace, taking up precious room. A word of warning though, always put a fire guard over the fire when it's unattended, this will ensure that any sparks that fly out won't hit the logs and ignite them.'

Aditi Sharma Maheshwari

Aditi Sharma Maheshwari is an architecture and design journalist with over 10 years of experience. She's worked at some of the leading media houses in India such as Elle Decor, Houzz and Architectural Digest (Condé Nast).  Till recently, she was a freelance writer for publications such as Architectural Digest US, House Beautiful, Stir World, Beautiful Homes India among others. In her spare time, she volunteers at animal shelters and other rescue organizations.