These Are The 10 Coziest Living Rooms of 2023 - That I'm Putting On My 2024 Moodboard

Make your living room the heart of the home with carefully considered touches that contribute to an atmospheric and tranquil space

A living room with long curtains in yellow
(Image credit: hris Mottalini. Studio credit Husband Wife)

Merge style and comfort in your living room with the magic of colors, textures and lights. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day, spend hours buried deep in a book, entertain friends or simply want to nap and recharge, a cozy living room is the perfect place to do so.

If you're looking for fresh and interesting ideas, these gorgeous living rooms are here to inspire. Take a look at these spaces and get decorating. 

1. This subtle room divider

A living room with a subtle room divider

(Image credit: Shannon McGrath . Studio credit Simone Haag)

Make your living room a unique, exclusive area for pure resting with the help of a room divider. You don't need to erect walls or install doors for this. A subtle half partition made of fabric, natural materials or wood could work too.

'It was important to retain the connectivity of the spaces in this house, and being a darker part of the home, we were conscious to not create barriers,' says designer Simone Haag. 'This vintage Italian divider sourced from Nicholas & Alistair allowed that connectivity to remain, while also subtly screening the informal living room. It provides an artistic and sculptural talking point.' 

2. This soft-toned room

A living room with a soft green wall paint and white, long, flowing curtains

(Image credit: Anson Smart. Studio credt Arent Pyke)

A modern living room trend is to drench the space in soft, calming tones that feel like a hug. Consider colors such as beige, taupe, light yellow or lavender to create a cozy atmosphere. 

'To elevate the mood, we painted the walls a strong buttery green,' say Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke, founders of Arent&Pyke. 'By layering vintage European antiques and contemporary classical pieces; mixing defined lines and soft curves; balancing vibrant colors and crisp white; the alchemy of the elements create a welcoming melting pot with inviting ambience.'

3. This rosy living room 

A living room with pink lights and light pink walls

(Image credit: Atelier ND Interior)

Pink living rooms hint at retro but also continue to be modern. Based on the rendition of pink you choose, this color can be used to create an intimate vibe or help prepare for a relaxing night’s sleep. 

'The client wanted to have a soft toned, laid back living room with gentle colors,' say Nicole Dohmen and Andrea van Well, founders of Atelier ND. 'We used different kinds of blush, ecru and salmon hues to create this effect. To make it not too soft and still personality-filled, we added the framed wall panel of Pierre Frey and some green highlights to give it some power.' 

4. This warm lighting scheme

A living room with a warm, diffused lighting scheme

(Image credit: Felix Speller & Child Studio)

For the living room lighting, create a moody vibe, perfect for lounging. This can be done with light layering. 

'We aimed to create a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere in this room, so we applied a layered approach to the lighting,' say Alexy Kos and Che Huang, founders of Child Studio. 'There is a mix of daylight coming through the skylights, along with the soft glow of the lighting concealed in the bespoke cabinets and the accent lighting of the large paper table lamp and the sculptural metal floor lamps.'

5. These whimsical niches

A pink living room with small niches on the walls

(Image credit: Heju)

Organic shapes, tactile walls, built-in seating and wall niches can all contribute to a unique-looking, cozy living room that is far from overly formal, but dipped in familiarity and comfort.

'This house's design is a mix of Japanese and Mediterranean inspirations,' says Hélène Pinaud, co-founder of Heju. 'On the first level, the living room, and its white painted wood floor become a soothing area. Vitalized by the wall of pink niches, the two masonry benches can be transformed into beds as desired.'  

6. This smile-inducing palette

A living room drenched in pastel tones

(Image credit: Charlie Forgham-Bailey. Studio credit Hollowwy Li)

Pastel living rooms are incredibly welcoming and beautifully modern, and prove that dainty decorating with an edge is always in style.

'The color scheme was underpinned by a neutral backdrop of standard multi-finish plaster that gives the space warmth, alongside the light Douglas Fir floorboards,' says Alex Holloway, creative director at Holloway Li. 'This provides a sense of the natural, and sits as a textural backdrop to the more synthetic pops of color that come out in the furniture and fittings, and artwork with a focus on vivid primary color.'

7. This organic-style space

A living room drenched in earthy tones

(Image credit: Shade Degges. Studio credit Huma Sulemain)

An earth tone living room comprising neutrals, greens and browns can give the space a feeling of being in the outdoors. Pair these colors with other natural materials like wood, bamboo, jute, and stone for a truly tranquil interior.

'To make this deep olive hue the star of the room I needed to keep the surroundings calm,' says Huma Sulaiman, founder of Huma Sulaiman Design. 'I chose a neutral wall and rug. And of course, a little pop with the dark olive was imperative and the custom fireplace we designed with the Rosso Lepanto marble added just that perfect touch.'

8. This room with a flowing curtain

A living room with long curtains in yellow

(Image credit: hris Mottalini. Studio credit Husband Wife)

Add softness with long, cascading living room curtains that reach till the floor. These will not only provide privacy but create an enveloping feeling.

'The framing of the windows with brass hardware and gold curtains anchored the space in the historical contact of the home, but feels surprisingly youthful when paired with delicate pink walls,' say Brittney Hart and Justin Capuco, founders of Husband Wife.

To add further softness to the visual, add braids to the curtains, and weave in contrast fabrics to the edges.

9. This cozy window seat

A living room in muted colors, with a cozy window seat

(Image credit: John Daniel Powers. Studio credit Patrick Bernatz Ward)

A place by the window not only opens up views, but also gives the living room a whimsical touch – a perching spot to quiet the mind and rest the body. Plus, window seats offer extra space for storage so cushions, books, and even gardening tools can be hidden under them.

'The goal was to replenish the homes’ arts and crafts aesthetic tradition, while not creating a historic time-capsule home,' says Patrick Bernatz Ward, an architect and designer at his namesake firm. 

10. This eye-catching ceiling

A living room with striped ceiling

(Image credit: Anson Smart. Studio credit We are Duet)

Painted ceilings not only inject life into a room but can also create the perfectly cocooning feeling; as though embraced by design, inspiration and style. 

'This was an original dining room which was reimagined as a child-friendly living space & study,' say Dominique Brammah and Shannon Shlom, founders of Duet. 'The stripes add a sense of joy & lightheartedness to the otherwise formal proportions of the room.'

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