Smart home trends for 2023: everything we predict for the next 12 months

Want to know what your smart home will look like in a year? We run down our top predictions for 2023

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As we recover from the holidays and prepare for the coming year, it's useful (and fun) to look ahead to what we can expect from 2023. As the smart home ecommerce editor for Livingetc, I have been keeping a close eye on the emerging trends, and, looking ahead to the coming months, there are a few things that stand out as prime areas for growth.

Of course, some are continuations of 2022 trends, while others are fresh innovations that may find their way into our homes.

The biggest tech events worldwide happen in the first months of the year, and brands will use these as venues to debut their latest gadgets. But as we wave goodbye to 2022 and look ahead to a fresh new year, I have revealed my predictions below. Of course, if you're interested in how your home might look, you can take a look at our interior design trend predictions.

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1. Smart tech that works together

The biggest news in 2022 was the emergence of Matter 1.0 as a viable way for our smart home devices to finally talk to each other. If you have various gadgets running on Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, or another third-party platform, then you'll know the struggle of having different platforms run side by side but never together in a way that makes sense.

Matter will change that, with all of the major smart home platforms agreeing on a joint 'language' that will allow all of our doorbells, speakers, TVs, and light bulbs to operate seamlessly together. No more opening 3-4 apps just to create a nighttime routine. The technology is still rolling out, but we can expect the way we interact with our smart homes to change by the end of 2023.

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2. Cost of living solutions

Our cost of living worries are unfortunately going nowhere in 2023, but thankfully numerous smart home solutions promise to cut costs in areas of our everyday life. These problem-solvers include but are in no way limited to, the best smart thermostats, which make heating our homes more efficient and automated.

We predict that those who haven't already taken the plunge into smart heating will likely do so in the coming year, and smart plugs, smart switches, and smart light bulbs are also prime candidates for growth due to their energy-saving possibilities. While soaring costs are bad news for most of us, they may push many people into more modern, smart homes.

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3. Big screen TV thrills

Are you still squinting across the room at your 43-inch TV? While there's absolutely nothing wrong with having a smaller set in your lounge, the trend for 2023 will see a continuation of people trading in their small or mid-size TVs for bigger screens. More affordable prices on 85-inch sets and the best 8K TVs will also make this easier.

This has arguably been happening since 2020, when the lack of movie theaters meant we were enjoying more of our entertainment at home. Since then, streaming services have stepped in as the way most people watch content, and the theatrical window has shortened as a result. If we're going to be watching the latest blockbuster in our living rooms, then we want the biggest screen possible.

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4. Tech you can't see

No matter what dazzling new thing the tech world reveals, those passionate about interior design will always opt for something beautiful over something unsightly - no matter how good it promises to be. Thankfully, many companies are now creating technology that is both functional and looks stunning in the home.

One way of doing this is by hiding tech in furniture or even the construction of the house, meaning you're not stuck trying to find a place for that chunky speaker or attempting to hide a huge TV with multiple cables. We listed some of our favorites earlier this year in our guide to tech that blends into your decor, and we expect this trend to get bigger in 2023.

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5. Wellness and sleep solutions

Mental health and general wellness continue to be areas where smart home tech has thrived, with its ability to cut through the general overwhelm of modern life by streamlining routines, correcting our circadian rhythms, putting meditation tools in the palm of our hands, and generally making life slightly easier.

We don't see this going anywhere in 2023, as the stresses and strains of the last few years continue to linger. Whether it's sleep tech like the best wake up lights, air purifiers that promise to make our homes healthier places to be, or personal trainers built into our exercise bikes and TVs, our gadgets want us to feel better.

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6. Even more smart kitchen gadgets

Of all the places in the home that can benefit from smart home tech, the kitchen has to be the biggest. Companies like Samsung have been honing in on this need for a few years now, but smart kitchen appliances are now becoming more varied and affordable. We expect 2023 to see a boom in things like smart kettles, smart air fryers, and even larger items like fridges and ovens.

Caroline Preece
Smart Homes Ecommerce Editor

Caroline is the smart home ecommerce editor for Livingetc, covering everything tech for the home, from smart speakers to air purifiers and everything in between. She is passionate about the role that technology and smart devices can play in daily life, enhancing the home without sacrificing personal style and carefully chosen interiors. In her spare time, she can be found tinkering with bulbs, soundbars, and video doorbells in an effort to automate every part of her small home. Previously, she lent her expertise to the likes of Expert Reviews, IT Pro, Coach, The Week, and more.