12 beautiful smart home devices that will blend into your decor

Here is our pick of some of the most stylish smart devices for your home

Sonos In-Wall Set
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Smart home tech doesn't have to be ugly. As our homes become more automated and filled with gadgets designed to make our lives easier, it can become a challenge to arrange these devices in a way that doesn't make the home look cluttered and untidy. But more and more brands are releasing models that aren't just useful, but also look beautiful.

Whether they blend into the background of your carefully curated design scheme or they add a touch of elegance that disguises hidden depths, these devices mean you don't have to compromise on keeping an aesthetically-pleasing environment when you take a step into a more connected home.

From smart bulbs to connected kettles, we've assembled some of the best-looking smart tech we've found below. If you want to learn more about our approach to creating the ideal connected home, head to our smart home page. 

How to blend smart tech into your home

Samsung frame on white wall

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Start small

If you're just getting started with your smart home, it's a good idea to start small. The best smart speakers are the base for everything else, so you should first decide which assistant - Alexa, Google, or Apple's Siri - you want to hitch your wagon to. This will also help you find compatible devices as you build your system.

Place tech where you are most likely to use it

Before investing in smart tech, have a long think about where it will benefit you the most. Do you always wish you could pull up a recipe in your kitchen? Something like the Echo Show 15 might be useful mounted to the wall. Or if you have trouble getting up in the morning, smart blinds could help get your day started.

Find creative ways to hide cables

Whether a device is battery-powered or hardwired, cables are inevitable. Luckily there are lots of ways to hide these away, from custom solutions and organizers to good old-fashioned covers and velcro ties. For more ideas, take a look at our article on ways to tidy cables.

Replace what you already have

One of the best ways to ensure that your smart tech doesn't overwhelm your space is by replacing old appliances and 'dumb' items before you begin adding new things. Things like smart faucets, kitchen appliances, smart lighting, and smart plugs are all easy ways to do this at a variety of price points.

Caroline Preece
Smart Homes Ecommerce Editor

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