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Get the best surround sound system setup of your dreams with our pick of TV speakers, soundbars and more - and our edit of the best Cyber Monday deals

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Sonos Premium Immersive Set with Arc

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1. The list in brief ↴
2. Best wireless system: Sony HT-A9
3. Most versatile system: JBL Bar 800
4. Best 5.1 system: Monoprice SB-600
5. Best LG system: LG S95QR
6. Best Sonos system: Sonos Beam (Gen 2) System
7. Best budget system: Klipsch Black Reference Theater Pack
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The best surround sound systems help you create the perfect home cinema experience, adding that missing element to how you watch TV and movies. In addition to a great TV, they are a great way to amp up the audio soundtrack to everything from action movies and sports to your favorite tunes and podcasts.

As any film buff or avid gamer will tell you, the image is only half of the story with surround sound. It's vital to have a great sound system if you're looking to perfect your home cinema experience - especially when the local multiplex isn't an option and more and more movies are being streamed at home.

A lot has changed in the world of surround sound in the past few years. The mass of cables, speakers, and stands that used to clutter our living rooms have been replaced by much tidier single-unit soundbars that sit underneath our TVs and boost what the slim flat screens can't do.

Listed below are some of the best options for surround sound. If you're not sure if you need multiple speakers, you may want to consider our guide to the best soundbars.

And the Cyber Monday surround sound system deals have started in earnest. We're already seeing 45% off some of our favorite models. We'll be cataloging the best offers as they happen here -  expect to see deals as big as up to 70% off at brands like Bang and Olufsen, Sony and LG. Bookmark this page and we'll do the hard work for you.

The best Cyber Monday soundbar deals

The quick list

The best surround sound systems we recommend in 2023

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Best wireless surround sound system

Sony HT-A9 surround sound systemLivingetc badge – tried, loved

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Best wireless surround sound system


Components: 4 x speakers; 1 x receiver
Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Chromecast, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect
Dimensions (speakers): H12.3 x W6.2 x D5.7in

Reasons to buy

Wireless connectivity between speakers and control box
Works with Google Assistant and Alexa
Adaptive audio technology
Dolby Atmos support

Reasons to avoid

Only one HDMI input
Optional subwoofer sold separately
Buy it if

✅ You want real spatial audio: the 360 Spatial Sound effect creates a truly immersive environment.

✅ You're a real audiophile: audio has deep and powerful bass tones, clear and unmuddied treble, and crisp, full, and balanced mid-tones.

✅ You're thinking long-term: this long-term investment supports advanced formats like 8K and Dolby Atmos.

Don't buy it if:

❌ You're on a budget: the system's price point of $2,000 is a significant sticking point for those on a budget.

❌ You have a small living room: the big speakers may not blend well into their surroundings.

❌ You want a multi-purpose system: the base station has only one HDMI input, which may be limiting for those with a range of external sources.

The bottom line

🔎 Sony HT-A9 Home Theater System is a pricey investment, but it's worth it for audiophiles seeking high-quality sound without the hassle of a full 7.1 surround system. Its sleek design and 360 Spatial Sound effects genuinely fill the room and immerse you in your content. The system supports advanced formats like 8K and Dolby Atmos, making it a long-term investment. ★★★★½

For audiophiles who want high-quality sound without a complicated setup, the Sony HT-A9 Home Theater System is a worthwhile investment despite its $2,000 price tag. The system boasts a sleek design and 360 Spatial Sound effect that immerses you in your content, and while you'll need space to mount or place the speakers and enough power sockets, the audio quality is unbeatable, supporting advanced formats like 8K and Dolby Atmos.

Design: If you're considering the HT-A9, be prepared for some big speakers. They stand just over a foot tall and weigh 6 lbs each, so they won't exactly blend into their surroundings. However, their modern cylindrical design and textured plastic finish make them attractive in their own right, and the perforated metal grilles add a nice touch.

The base station is compact and has a small but efficient display of key status information. We'll note, however, that you may have some difficulty finding a place to put the speakers if you don't use the included wall-mounting brackets, as each speaker needs its own dedicated power input.

Audio: The powerful speakers contain four drivers, including woofers, tweeters, and upward-firing drivers. The '360 Spatial Sound' feature uses audio trickery and algorithms to mimic 12 'phantom speakers' around the room, creating an immersive environment.

We're pleased to say that the system's sound reproduction is almost cinema-level, with deep and powerful bass tones, clear and unmuddied treble, and crisp, full, and balanced mid-tones. Music sounds spectacular, thanks to the DSEE Extreme audio upscaling technology, which improves the fidelity of compressed audio files.

Features: The HT-A9 system supports 8K HDR content and Dolby Vision, making it a great choice for those needing a fully-fledged home cinema audio system. However, the base station has only one HDMI input, which may be limiting for those with a range of external sources. The system also supports Chromecast, Apple AirPlay 2, and Spotify Connect, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi streaming, and can be controlled through Google Assistant.

Read our full Sony HT-A9 Home Theater System review

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Score card
DesignLarge; attractive speakers; compact base★★★★½
AudioPowerful speakers; immersive sound quality★★★★★
Features8K; Dolby Atmos; just one HDMI; Google Assistant★★★★