These 12 Best Yellow Coffee Tables Are Trending — "They Make Your Home Feel So Sunny"

Even on the cloudiest of days, a yellow coffee table is like built-in sunshine. Take a look at the best and brightest as selected by Livingetc Style Editor Brigid Kennedy

yellow coffee tables on a yellow background
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A question for the class: When was the last time you thought about a yellow coffee table? I'd bet good money it wasn't recently. And why not? Yellow coffee tables might not be your first choice when decorating your space, but there is no reason they should be your last. They're bright, beautiful, and add some built-in sunshine to your home, even on the cloudiest days.

The best coffee tables are accents, after all, and yellow is one of the best accent colors out there. Especially in a dark room, yellow lightens, softens, and calms — why not combine that with your coffee table, one of the most quietly integral pieces of decor in any space?

'The coffee table often plays a supporting role, quietly anchoring the living space while other elements take the spotlight,' says Nina Lichtenstein, interior designer at Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein.

So let's go big and bright, just in time for spring — below, you'll find my absolute favorite yellow coffee tables from the best home decor brands on the market. I swear I'm happier just looking at these, and I have a feeling you will be too!

12 bright and beautiful yellow coffee tables

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What is the #1 thing to keep in mind when buying a coffee table?

When it's time to purchase your coffee table, 'there is one golden rule to abide by,' Nina tells me: 'Functionality reigns supreme.'

Though the look of the table is undoubtedly important, 'it's crucial to select a table that not only complements your design vision but also serves your practical needs. Consider the size and scale of your space — opt for a coffee table that strikes the perfect balance between form and function, providing ample surface area for both decor and everyday essentials.'

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