I'm a Professional Shopper — This is the Color of Coffee Table I'm Recommending my Friends Buy Now

Opting for a green coffee table is a genius way to bring a touch of color to your space, while feeling expensive and elevated

green coffee tables on a green colored background
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In a world of neutral home decor, the green coffee table is the pop of color we all deserve. If you find yourself drawn to beige, brown, and gray furniture time and time again, I challenge you to open yourself up to technicolor It needn't be too hasty; it doesn't have to happen overnight. But if you are willing to try to incorporate new shades into your room, a green coffee table is a wonderful place to start.

Green is such a versatile color, believe it or not, and one that makes for some of the best coffee tables. A brighter, more emerald shade is energetic and lively — easily recognizable in that ROY.G.BIV line-up — while a softer, grayer shade has more in common with a neutral tone than anything else.

'While green may not be everyone's initial choice when selecting furniture, it undeniably brings a refreshing burst of color and vitality to any room,' said Nina Lichtenstein of Custom Home Design by Nina. 'A green coffee table serves as a focal point, injecting a sense of nature-inspired calm and rejuvenation into the space. Whether it's a subtle sage or a bold emerald, the hue effortlessly bridges the gap between indoors and outdoors, creating a harmonious balance within the room.'

So let's take a look at what's out there, shall we? I think you'll like what's in store — and some of these options are truly so lovely they're sure to leave any house guest green with envy. You know I had to say it...

12 green coffee tables for the color lover

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What's the right shade of green for my room?

If it isn't a question of personal taste, you might be wondering how to go about selecting the right shade of green for your new coffee table.

'Choosing the right shade of green for your coffee table can be a daunting task, but there are a few guidelines to steer you in the right direction,' Nina told me. First, 'consider the existing color palette of your room and aim for a shade that complements rather than clashes with the surrounding decor.'

'Soft, muted greens like olive or seafoam can create a serene, tranquil ambiance,' she continued, 'while bolder hues such as emerald or forest green make a striking statement.'

Lastly, don't forget to factor natural light into your decision! 'Lighter shades of green tend to flourish in well-lit rooms, while darker tones can add depth and drama to areas with less natural light,' Nina said.

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