There's some amazing low-maintenance outdoor furniture in the Fourth of July sales - here's our edit of the best

When it comes to durable outdoor furniture, there's a few materials that outperform the rest...

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Selecting low-maintenance outdoor furniture that also looks great in your backyard is a tricky balance to get right. You want something durable, while still looking elegant, and something that works for your backyard throughout the year, no matter the changing of the seasons.

Great furniture really can transform the look of your backyard and how you use your space, opening it up to become a haven that you want to enjoy season after season. To find the perfect furniture for your backyard, it's about picking the best material that withstands all weather from scorching sunshine to the occasional storm (though you probably want to store outdoor furniture during winter, anyway). So what are the best materials to opt for? 

'You really want something that is going to stand the test of time,' says Ginger Curtis. 'When investing in a piece, longevity is incredibly important. Choose a durable, all-weather material, something that is low maintenance as well as beautiful.'

We'd recommend teak for its aesthetic quality and long-lasting durability, wrought iron for its hardiness and powder-coated aluminum or steel - which can look super elegant while bringing some color. Here are 9 outdoor furniture buys that I've got my eye on that won't need much upkeep and will look great all year round!

Best low maintenance furniture in the Fourth of July sales

Best teak furniture

Teak is a great option for your outdoor furniture. It's durable, and a special type of wood that has a natural oil that repels water which stops it from getting damaged over time. This means you can keep your teak furniture in your garden throughout the year without fear of it getting ruined. What's more, age only improves the appearance. 'I love teak for its durability and beauty,' says Gillian Gillies of Gillian Gillies's Interior Design. 'I especially love it as it weathers and silvers. It also hides a multitude of stains and mishaps and good times!' Here are three furniture picks to buy now.

Best wrought iron furniture

Wrought iron is another reliable material that you can leave outside throughout the year without fear of it damaging. Looked after well, you'll enjoy your wrought iron furniture for years. ‘Wrought iron will be your most durable and sturdy option but is definitely a higher price point,’ says Annie and Jordan Obermanns of Forge & Bow. It's heavy too, which means that even in the most blustery conditions, your wrought iron table or bench won't run the risk of tipping over.

Best powder-coated furniture

If your backyard furniture is powder coated, it's giving a real good chance for durability, helping to resist rust, fading and chipping. It can be applied to almost any materials, but metal is the most popular. Aluminum and steel are both commonly powder coated, and it's a great way to add a colored coating to your outdoor furniture. 

What is the easiest outdoor furniture to maintain?

In terms of materials, always opt for designs made from high-quality rust-proof aluminum that has been powder coated, or sustainably sourced teak. This type of outdoor furniture lasts the longest and can withstand all weather conditions. Furniture that is designed for a life outside won't need to be brought indoors, and if you have a pergola or covered structure (or the space and budget to add one), then this combination will set you up perfectly for year-round use.  

Aesthetically, wood works perfectly. 'Wood is a favored material as it fits in nicely with the surrounding landscapes and brings warmth to the space, but opting for wood will require maintenance every couple of years,' says Annie and Jordan. 'If you are looking for this warmth but not maintenance, wicker could be a great option too.'

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