These outdoor chairs bring wow factor to a backyard, but they always sell out – here's where to buy one before they do

Bridging the gap between hammock and accent chair, here are my top picks of the must-have lounge chair of the summer

An outdoor swing chair
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Outdoor swing chairs are having a moment. Tapping into the desire for an outdoor space that focuses on staying relaxed, an outdoor swing chair makes for a great accent piece. They've become such a staple for those looking to relax outside in style, that they often sell out before the summer even gets going. 

'Hanging egg chairs have become hugely popular in recent years - the ultimate in cocooning comfort,' says Reilly Gray, co-founder of Suns Lifestyle. The best outdoor furniture swings adhere to the current outdoor trends for 2023. Think rattan, wicker, earth colors and great cushion padding for added comfort. 

I've scoured the internet to find the best outdoor swings to snap up now.

Best egg swing chairs

Best two-seater swing chairs

Best swing chair with stand

Are pergolas strong enough to hang a swing chair?

Most types of pergolas should be able to support the weight of a swing. Pergolas are often made from metal, and should be strong enough to take the weight of one or two people. If you have a wood pergola, this is also a strong and durable material that should also support your swing chair, but check the wood is in good condition - rotting wood runs the risk of breaking.

If you have joists or beams, it is as simple as tying a chain in place. The stronger the chain, the better supported your swing will be. Ropes just won't cut it, but you can also buy heavy-duty swing hanger sets, made of durable iron material that keeps your swing attached to a beam.

It's also about the strength of the chair itself. Metal swing seats don't look as comfortable and relaxing, owing to the hardness of the material, but wrapped in outdoor-appropriate rattan can soften the metal and give you a pleasant outdoor retreat.

What's the best height for a swing chair?

You don't want your swing chair to be placed too high off the ground so that getting into it involves climbing into your swing, but similarly you don't want it too low so that it graces the floor with every movement. Bolts should be installed around two to four inches wider than the swing's length to ensure good weight distribution and stop the chains from rubbing. The swing should hang at least 17 inches above the floor.

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