Gray Accent Chairs Are The Neutral Touch Your Living Room Is Missing — And I Found Some for Under $500

A gray accent chair might be the perfect minimalist piece to tie your room together. Style Editor Brigid Kennedy is back with another line-up of her current faves

gray accent chairs on a colorful background
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The color gray — specifically as it relates to gray accent chairs — doesn't get nearly enough love. On its worst day, it's described as drab, boring, or even dull. But on its best day, it's understood as neutral, minimalist, and versatile. It goes with nearly everything, and works in basically every room in the house. That doesn't sound very boring to me!

As part of my quest to convince you that this shade does, in fact, make for one of the best accent chairs money can buy, I've taken the liberty of selecting a few A+ accent options to show you (not tell you) what I mean. Below, you'll find an expertly curated edit built with my extensive shopping knowledge in mind. An accent chair like this could be just the finishing touch your living room needs; that's what these pieces are there for, after all.

'Adding an accent chair enriches a space by providing extra seating, enhancing the room's aesthetic, and introducing a focal point,' says interior designer Nina Lichtenstein. 'Moreover, it can bring texture, color, or a contrasting element to complement the existing decor and elevate the room's design. As a result, accent chairs contribute to a visually dynamic and inviting environment.'

So let's get cracking on, shall we? Today's the day we reclaim gray. Onward!

12 of the best gray accent chairs

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What is the difference between a dining chair and an accent chair?

The main difference between dining chairs and accent chairs has to do with how they are used.

'Dining chairs are typically designed for specific dining tables, emphasizing functionality and comfort during meals. They often come in matching sets and are tailored to fit the dining table's height,' Nina tells me. 'On the other hand, accent chairs are more versatile. They can be strategically placed in various areas of the home to add visual interest, complement existing furniture, or create cozy nooks for reading or relaxation.' Unlike their counterparts, 'accent chairs are not bound to a dining table and offer more flexibility in terms of design and placement.'

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