12 Sleek, Black Coffee Tables That Look Super Expensive — I Already Know Which One I'm Buying

A black coffee table is luxury interior design's secret weapon. These pieces will make your living room — and you — feel like a million bucks, guaranteed

black coffee tables on a colorful background
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Black coffee tables, black bookshelves, black couches ... what do all these things have in common? Well, aside from being common pieces of furniture, they're also undeniably luxurious thanks to their rich, onyx coloring. Black is one of those things that exudes wealth and style, perhaps because it's so timeless and works in nearly every space.

As I continue to dig up the best coffee tables to buy from some of the best home brands, I've turned my attention toward the cream of the crop: black coffee tables. These gorgeous, understated, and minimalist pieces are the perfect finishing touch for a living room, adding a mysterious and grounding element to the full space. It's a subtle effect but an important one.

'Black is as timeless as it is versatile,' says interior designer Nicole Cullum, founder of Color Caravan. 'A touch of black grounds a space, and adds an element of elegance and refinement. Because black is so classic, it works well in a variety of materials from high gloss lacquers to matte metals and blackened wood stains.'

So in the interest of ensuring that your lovely living room is as elegant as possible, I have dug up the best black coffee tables I could find and edited them into a handy dandy shopping round-up for you below. If you're rather color-averse or just love the look of black home decor, this is the article for you.

The 12 best luxurious black coffee tables

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With what colors and color schemes could someone incorporate a black coffee table?

You might now be wondering: How should I incorporate and style my new black coffee table into my home? Luckily, designer Nicole Cullum has some great advice for you.

Black works with many different color schemes, she told me. 'Add a black coffee table to bold jewel tones to complement their color intensity, or 'offset soft pastels by juxtaposing a black coffee table as an anchor in the space.' The only two colors Nicole recommends you avoid pairing with black are 'orange or yellow. Orange and black can feel more holiday-themed, while yellow and black are typically used as warning colors and can add a sense of anxiety to a room instead of enhancing it.'

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