The 12 best wool rugs that are so soft they'll make your home 112% more comfortable

The Livingetc edit of the 12 best wool rugs will elevate the comfort levels of your home, adding style and a gentle softness

Anthropologie, DWR & Urban Outfitters Wool Rugs
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The beauty of rugmaking and the role of wool in this craft are a long-standing tradition. The natural fibers make for nature’s most durable rug that can be washed and won’t wither with time. As such, a wool rug can be a timeless heirloom, something to treasure today and tomorrow. Tufted, woven, or knotted by hand, the opportunities for wool rugs are endless.

If you’re looking to find your perfect floor piece, begin by looking at our best rugs feature. Expert advice and a selection of amazing finds await you. If you know it's wool you want, we can help. We’ve scoured through the best home décor stores to find you the best-wool rugs, discover our exclusive edit below.

Best Colorful Wool Rugs

Best Floral Wool Rugs

Best Striped Wool Rugs

Best Shag Wool Rugs

Which wool is best for rugs?

Wool is not all the same, and it’s important to understand this when choosing your rug. “We recommend Tibetan wool, cultivated from sheep reared high in the Himalayas their coat provides a yarn hick is incredibly durable while soft underfoot, it also takes on dye extremely well so any color can be achieved. For a highly luxurious finish, you can opt for Mohair or Cashmere, both of which are incredibly soft,” says Eleanor Dykes from rug specialists Riviere Rugs. 

Another point of consideration is the type of wool rug that works best for your room and its needs. A hand-knotted wool rug would work well in high traffic areas thanks to the wools natural stain resistance and the strength of its densely knotted foundation. Tufted wool rugs are softer and can showcase patterns with depth and detail making them great statement pieces for living and bedrooms. 

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