The 12 best sage green rugs to make your home feel much more calm

Sage green rugs are a shorthand for sophisticated yet muted design, and the Livingetc team has found the 12 best to evoke that minimalist sense of peace

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Sage green takes its name from the flavorful and perfumed herb. A soft and cool-toned green, this hue is a favorite of interior designers and color experts alike thanks to its calming and soothing properties. Its pale enough to be paired with a wide variety of neutral tones which gives it a minimal edge and pigmented enough to be a present power in the room. Sage rugs can blend with both contemporary and traditional styles and work as the perfect foundation for elegant interiors. 

Let us help you start your search for the perfect rug with our best rugs feature, a curated list of our favorites along with useful advice from the experts. After searching and scouring the best home décor stores, we’ve curated our selection of the best sage green rugs.

Best Sage Green Patterned Rugs

Best Sage Green Solid Rugs

Best Sage Green Washable Rugs

Best Sage Green Outdoor Rugs

What colors go with a sage green rug?

Sage is a team player and as such works well with a variety of colors. Softer hues can lean into the gentle side of sage while darker tones can play on its green foundation and deliver more drama. “A soft palette of blues and greens can look beautiful paired with a sage green rug. For a more impactful scheme, black and white geometrics pair well with sage green,” says Elisabeth Lyons Becker, Design Director at MDI Interior Design. If you opt for a patterned floor piece, this makes it easier to identify accent colors from your rug which you can use as accents in your scheme. It will also ensure that the result feels cohesive and isn’t overwhelming.

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