The 12 best Persian rugs are a timeless way to add pattern to your home – here are the ones our shopping editor loves

Persian rugs are a timeless staple, bringing richness of color, heritage and pattern. Here are the best to buy now

A Persian rug in a living room
(Image credit: Nick Simonite. Design: Clayton Korte)

I've always been a lover of Persian rugs. Heavily patterned, rich, and vibrant in color, they seem to be an enduring look that withstands the test of time. They are a great tool for pulling your color scheme together too. If it's the first item of furniture you lay down, you can take colors from the rug to influence the room and its decor decor. 

This style has led to some of the best rugs on the market, bringing a sense of history and heritage to the home. A staple in more eccentric, maximalist homes, I also like the juxtaposition of a Persian rug in a more minimalist setting. Here are 12 living room rugs in a Persian style to buy now.

12 Persian rugs to buy now

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Why are Persian rugs a timeless piece?

A dining room with Persian rug underfoot

(Image credit: Nick Glimenakis. Design: Brownstone Boys)

Not only do Persian rugs bring a richness with bold color and pattern, they have a strong link to history and craftmanship, that homeowners and designers are keen to reference in the home. 

'Persian rugs are synonymous with heritage, tradition, culture and incredible craftsmanship,' says Tommaso Franchi, founder of London-based interior design studio, Tomèf. 'Their sophisticated and colorful patterns make them the unique decorative element that is able to elevate the aesthetic standards of a living space.'

They are a transitional piece that suits many style of home too. Barry Bordelon and Jordan Slocum of the have done just that in a neutral home in Brooklyn - above. 'Since so much of the house is painted in neutral colors we wanted to bring in some contrast in the rugs. The reds and pinks of the Persian rugs are the perfect complements to the neutral walls. The classic details of the house are also reflected in the classic nature of Persian rugs.' 

'The boldness of their color palettes and the finesse of their geometric heritage patterns allow these type of rugs to become a stylish touch to a bedroom or to bring some living room color,' agrees Tommaso, 'whether it be more contemporary or rather traditional.'

Small-scale patterns are currently at their highest point in terms of appreciation, deep blues and reds are the colors dominating the interior scene, says Tommaso. 'Designers and customers are not afraid to dare in terms of the boldness of colors when it comes to the selection of a Persian rug. And rightly so I think.'

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