Shopping Edit – 19 best desk accessories for a tidy office

These pretty yet practical desk accessories will help lift the mood and up the motivation in your office

brass and cobalt blue desk light with wooden desk and plaster effect walls
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With working from home every day (or at least a few days a week) being the new normal, it is hardly surprising that searches for desk accessories – that are both practical and stylish – have soared. While you may assume your home office is completed, you'll need more than the best desk and a new chair to increase your motivation. It's simple: to make this space appear equally as stylish as it is functional, desk accessories are a must-have. And we're not just talking about desk accessories for your home, either, as these finds are suitable for your office in the city or your cosy workspace in the country. Versatile.

We're talking all types of desk accessories from your classic pen holder to a paper waste bin, and even some questionable (yet undeniably handy) additions such as a compact coffee machine and a gorgeous magazine rack. Because a tidy desk equals a tidy mind (and a seamless workflow), and there's nothing like a few desk accessories to help organise this space.

Don't just take our word for it as Office Furniture Online's founder, Martin Hutchinson, advises that it's crucial to create a work space that's separate from living and relaxing areas, to aid concentration but also to keep stress to a minimum. "A home office with a clear space to work, easy to reach storage for essentials and an appropriate office chair which supports the back makes for a much more comfortable remote working situation". Don't miss our desk accessories shopping edit below, and get buying to make this financial year one to remember.

The best desk accessories to buy this year

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1. Smythson Panama Large Triangle Trinket Tray

Smythson Panama Large Triangle Trinket Tray

(Image credit: Smythson)

Smythson Panama Large Triangle Trinket Tray | £215 at Smythson
For holding anything from your keys to your jewellery, this cross-grain leather trinket tray is available in five colourways. Place it atop your desk to keep things looking tidy, and it even unbuttons and folds flat so that you can pop it in a drawer.

2. Newgate Clocks Odyssey Mantel Clock

Newgate Clocks Odyssey Mantel Clock

(Image credit: Newgate Clocks)

Newgate Clocks Odyssey Mantel Clock | £55 at Amara
A classic with a desk-friendly twist, this Newgate clock will look great bestowed atop your desk. Not just for telling the time and checking how long it is until your next meeting, this Newgate clock will add a retro vibe to your home office. It also has a silent sweep movement so as to not distract you from your trail of thought, plus this mid-century clock comes in cream or brass.

3. Ferm Living Desk Organiser Double Stack Letter Tray

Ferm Living Desk Organiser Double Stack Letter Tray

(Image credit: Ferm Living)

Ferm Living Desk Organiser Double Stack Letter Tray | £75 at Heal's
For storing paper and documents both safely and elegantly, this metal letter tray is super practical. It comes in creme or black to suit your home office scheme, while they are stackable so that you can buy two or three without taking up too much precious desk space.

4. La Redoute Capi Metal Table Lamp

La Redoute Capi Metal Table Lamp

(Image credit: La Redoute)

La Redoute Capi Metal Table Lamp | £55 at La Redoute
Simple yet effective, this metal lamp is the perfect size for a desk. It will be certain to add a contemporary vibe to your home office space, while you can choose from a brass or black matte finish. Whether for brightening your workspace or sprucing up a corner of your desk – or both – this sleek lighting solution also comes in a floor lamp size.

5. Oliver Bonas Maka Gold & Glass Multi Pen Pot

Oliver Bonas Maka Gold & Glass Multi Pen Pot

(Image credit: Oliver Bonas)

Oliver Bonas Maka Gold & Glass Multi Pen Pot | £24.50 at Oliver Bonas
For separating your pens from your pencils and your hand creme, this gold glass pen pot is the pinnacle of form and function. With three different size compartments, it ought to brighten up a desk – and it makes reaching for your favourite pen that little easier.

6. La Redoute Adene Wall-Mounted Photo Holder

La Redoute Adene Wall-Mounted Photo Holder

(Image credit: La Redoute)

La Redoute Adene Wall-Mounted Photo Holder | £48 at La Redoute
They say photo holder, we say magazine holder. This black metal beauty can turn a plain wall from drab to fab, while it can display your Livingetc magazines in style. Alternatively, use it to make a feature of your favourite wall art and memories. We say to wall mount this right by your desk, within easy reach – and viewing.

7. Soho Home Meard Bin

Soho Home Meard Bin

(Image credit: Soho Home)

Soho Home Meard Bin | £115 at Soho Home
Waste management but make it stylish, this Soho Home bin is wrapped in brown leather, with a removable dark brown metal liner for your convenience. For tossing finished paperwork into or your used coffee cup, this bin ought to make a statement. We say to place it right beside your desk – no hiding!

8. Jonathan Adler Nixon Alpaca Throw

Jonathan Adler Nixon Alpaca Throw

(Image credit: Jonathan Adler)

Jonathan Adler Nixon Alpaca Throw | £345 at Jonathan Adler
A throw counts as a desk accessory, right? Snuggle up in style during cosy mornings or chilly evenings with help from Jonathan Adler's Nixon Alpaca Throw. The orange ought to add a pop of colour to your space, while it's nice and soft (some say alpaca is the new cashmere) and it will even look great draped over your desk chair.

9. La Redoute Hiba Magazine Rack

La Redoute Hiba Magazine Rack

(Image credit: La Redoute)

La Redoute Hiba Magazine Rack | £65 at La Redoute
Place this rack on the floor, perhaps in the corner of your home office – or just beside your desk – to hold your favourite *cough* Livingetc magazines. With a nod to mid-century modern design, this elegant faux leather magazine rack is wrapped around a strong metal frame. A statement piece for sure, this La Redoute find is a must-have.

10. Nespresso Vertuo Next

Nespresso Vertuo Next

(Image credit: Nespresso)

Nespresso Vertuo Next | £100 at John Lewis & Partners
The ultra-slim Nespresso Vertuo Next is the only coffee machine you will want on your desk. For an easy pick-me-up or a quick caffeine hit, place this coffee machine nearby or atop your desk. It's stylish and in a light grey colour, so don't worry about it bringing your desk aesthetic. It's also very practical, with the ability to make drinks for 5 different cup sizes. Keep your pods in your desk drawer and your favourite mug(s) beside the machine and you're all set. You'll also get 50 free pods included when buying at John Lewis.

11. Oka Square Tissue Box Cover

Oka Square Tissue Box Cover

(Image credit: Oka)

Oka Square Tissue Box Cover | £85 at Oka
Cover your box of tissues in style with help from this bone tissue box cover from Oka. From boring to boutique, this makes your yearly winter cold a tad easier to manage. Plus, clients will be grateful for tissues when they're over.

12. Aspinal of London Business Card Holder

Aspinal of London Business Card Holder

(Image credit: Aspinal of London)

Aspinal of London Business Card Holder | £95 at Aspinal of London
Whether for your home office or for taking into the office, this Aspinal of London business card holder is undeniably handsome. Place it at the front of your desk, facing outwards for clients and vistitors to easily grab your details. This holder is not only hand-crafted from solid cedar wood, but it's even hand-bound in full-grain leather – and lined using suede. More luxury matching desk accessories are available, 

13. Sansevieria Trifasciata Var. Laurentii Plant

Sansevieria Trifasciata Var. Laurentii Plant

(Image credit: Crocus)

Sansevieria Trifasciata Var. Laurentii Plant| £16.99 at Crocus
Otherwise known as a snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue, this easy to maintain plant is pretty much indestructible. Just pop it in a sunny position and water it every now and then to keep it happy. Having plants on your desk can up your motivation and help bring the outdoors in on a rainy day. Give it a name and it'll soon be your favourite co-worker. A desk essential, in our opinion.

14. Xlbloom Carry Away Paperweight

Xlbloom Carry Away Paperweight

(Image credit: Xlboom)

Xlbloom Carry Away Paperweight | £57 at Amara
This elegant paperweight will keep your important documents in place. You can also use it to hold the page you are writing – or just as a decoration on your desk. With a marble base – in your choice of five colours and finishes – and a gold carry handle, it's not only practical but also pretty stylish.

15. Oliver Bonas Zesty Dried Flower Bouquet Large

Bang & Olufsen Q1 Charging Pad

(Image credit: Bang & Olufsen)

Bang & Olufsen Q1 Charging Pad | £110 at Mr Porter
Style meets function with this desk must-have. It means you'll finish work with 100% battery, plus it's nice and compact – and it comes in blue, black or neutral. The latter being our favourite colour, this charging pad is wireless so as to keep your workspace looking tidy, while it has a polished aluminium frame and a leather pad. It even claims to charge your phone fast, plus it can be used to power Samsung and iPhones.

16. Rich Abstract I Framed Canvas Print Rich Abstract I Framed Canvas Print

(Image credit: Made) Rich Abstract I Framed Canvas Print | £149 at Made
A home office without any wall art would be a dull affair, so this would be an easy way to spruce up your space – and to make it feel welcoming. Use this abstract print to inject some colour around your desk, plus it arrives framed and ready to hang. It'll soon become the focal point of your space. After your fancy desk, of course.

17. Yamazaki Beautes Headphone Stand

Yamazaki Beautes Headphone Stand

(Image credit: Yamazaki)

Yamazaki Beautes Headphone Stand | £20 at John Lewis & Partners
If you need to listen to music to keep concentrating, then you'll need a stand for your headphones. This desk-suitable headphone stand is black in colour and sleek in design. Perch your headphones on here to keep your desk free of clutter – and to keep them safe and away from possible coffee spillages.

18. Sodastream Spirit

Sodastream Spirit

(Image credit: Sodastream)

Sodastream Spirit | From £69.99 at Sodastream
If you drink lots of sparkling water, then having one of these on your desk will make for smart thinking. The Sodastream is wireless and easily portably, while it can turn boring tap water into fancy sparkling water in seconds. Not only will having one of these on your desk encourage you to stay hydrated, but it's not exactly an eyesore, is it? Plus, it eliminates the need for plastic bottles.

19. John Lewis & Partners Decorative Marble Noughts & Crosses

John Lewis & Partners Decorative Marble Noughts & Crosses

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

John Lewis & Partners Decorative Marble Noughts & Crosses  | £35 at John Lewis & Partners
This desk accessory is more of a design addition than a practical purchase, and you might want to pop it on a side table in your home office for decoration. It's a marble noughts and crosses set that's luxury looking and quite impressive if we do say so.

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