The 12 best colorful rugs to make your home feel instantly happier

The Livingetc editors have sourced the 12 best colorful rugs - bright and beautiful designs which help to fill your home with flair and style

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Color is a central tenet of design in all its forms, the same applies to rugs. Your choice of rug color can directly impact the mood and visual appeal of the room. While darker and more intense tones can offer a grounded foundation for your floor, bolder colors can add a sense of reverie to your room. The lightest of hues can open up the space and help you create a calmer scheme. Colorful designs bring together the best bits of these shades, positioning rugs as the focal point of the room rather than the last thought.

As you set foot on your journey to find the perfect rug, you can start by looking at our best rugs feature for expert advice and our favorite finds. If color is where your heart is, you can discover our exclusive list of rugs below. We’ve scoured through the best home décor stores to bring together these kaleidoscopic creations.

Colorful Bright Rugs

Colorful Patterned Rugs

Colorful Geometric Rugs

Colorful Outdoor Rugs

How do you match a colorful rug?

The secret to matching a colorful rug lies in timing. Choosing your rug at the right stage allows you to find the best matches in terms of furniture, lighting, and finishes. Too often rugs are reneged to last place on the design decision scale which can make it harder to achieve cohesion in your scheme. A colorful rug can be a big statement so you can choose to balance that by looking to more neutral accompaniments or leaning into the design further by taking a maximalist approach to color. 

“Rugs are such an underrated way to bring color and vibrancy to a space. I think it works especially well when the rest of the color palette is neutral (walls, countertops, flooring). If you select a colorful rug, consider adding decorative elements like throw pillows (just please, no furry ones), artwork, and even significantly sized decor like large vases or crystals to the space. Remember, you want to accent the colors in the rug - not take over the entire palette. A hint of the hue here and there is enough to draw the eye and be impactful without overpowering the rest of the palette,” says interior designer Breegan Jane. Think of your rug as your foundation, the colors that sit within those fibers are likely going to be the best ones to play with when it comes to choosing your furniture, lighting, and accessories. 

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