Our Editor Has Picked the 12 Best Anthropologie Rugs — Including Designs That 'Instantly Make You Happier'

Floral patterns, minimalist themes and hand-knotted artistry — the Anthropologie rugs section is the perfect place to shop for affordable floor art for your home

patterned rugs from Anthropologie
(Image credit: Anthropologie)

The Anthropologie rugs section is a trove of incredibly designed, well-made and on-trend pieces. It's where stylists and industry insiders head to when they want a finishing touch for their home that is affordable but aspirational  — beautiful, but also on-budget. 

As with all of Anthropologie's offering, it's an eclectic mix. Pared-back, minimalist rugs sit next to loudly patterned prints. Scalloped edges sit next to squares. So there is something to suit every scheme. The rugs tend to start at around $98,and to help you sift through the vast selection, I've created an Anthropologie editor's choice of the very best that will help to elevate your home no matter what your style of decor is. The brand is one of the best home decor stores there is  — a Livingetc favorite  — and this round-up proves exactly why.

There are dozens of rugs on the Anthropologie website, and you can shop them all here.

Best Anthropologie Rugs for a Minimalist Space

Minimalism in interior design has moved on since the days of cold, sleek surfaces and as little personality as possible. Now it focusses on a limited color palette, soothing schemes and comfort - like these soft rugs underfoot.

Best Floral Anthropologie Rugs

Anthropologie's new-in accessories seem to have a floral note at the moment  — it's clearly an interior design trend that the brand sees coming. What flower motifs too is  literally help a room to have the sunshine warmth of summer, evoking cheerful times and joy.

Best Striped Anthropologie Rugs

Anthropolgie doesn't just put a classic stripe on its best rugs and call it a day. Why would it?! Instead, it uses stripes to look like sunsets, or to add playfulness, or to be bold and graphic. This is pattern for people who want a floor show. 

Best Vintage-Style Anthropologie Rugs

Vintage shopping is seeing a rise in popularity at the moment. Sure, it helps to be more sustainable, but also older pieces tend to have more personality. Anthropologie does a good line in rugs that are new but still have those characterful notes.

Are Anthropologie rugs worth it?

Anthropologie rugs are extremely well made, soft to the touch, richly colored and of a much higher quality than their often-quite-entry-level price tag suggests. In short, Anthropologie rugs really are worth it.

Across the market, they are not that much more expensive than H&M rugs, but the hues and artistry are stronger. They are quite a bit more affordable than brands such as Armadillo and yet still offer material choices that are long lasting and sumptuous to walk on. Because Anthropologie has so many styles on offer it's a good place to shop for rugs  — you're certain to find an aesthetic that suits you, and guranteed to have bought a piece that wears well and is long-lasting.

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Pip Rich

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