What Is the Best Color For Outdoor Furniture? Here's What the Experts Think

From neutral to bright colors, choosing the right shade for your outdoor furniture ultimately sets the tone for your backyard. So, let's dive into what colors you should choose for your outdoor furniture

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When I think of a backyard, I think of the colors that surround it. I think of the landscape and the furniture that sits upon it. In hopes of having my own space some day, I can’t help but imagine hues of colorful outdoor patio furniture, decoratively placed around my yard — a girl can dream right?

Colors add a certain sentiment to a space and when it comes to the exterior of a home, I believe it’s just as important to choose the right tones for your outdoor furniture, as it is for the interior of your home.

Choosing the right color can ultimately change the mood of your backyard. But what is the best color for outdoor furniture and is there a specific color you should be focusing on to enhance the way your patio furniture looks? Here’s what designers and experts from the best outdoor furniture brands think.

Why is color important for outdoor furniture?

Modern papasan design two piece patio chair set from Wayfair.

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Color plays a big role when it comes to shaping your backyard and finding the right furniture colors is what ultimately brings a space together.

Niki O'Brien, from interior and exterior renovation service Custom Exteriors LLC, tell us there are two important factors to look out for when choosing the right color for your outdoor furniture and these are: 'choosing a well-coordinating color and a color that doesn't show dirt and grime'. Niki says you should also 'consider the color of your siding, stucco, landscaping, and even your roof,' as it will give you a better ideas of the colors you'd want to choose for your furniture.

1. Beige


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Neutral colors and shades such as beige and brown are quite popular when it comes to outdoor furniture. This timeless palette goes perfectly in modern homes which seek a minimalist touch and Niki O'Brien, from Custom Exteriors LLC tells us these colors 'typically create the best-adjusted atmosphere'.

Andrei Newman, a home improvement expert and the Founder of Designer Home Spas says these neutral tones also serve multiple purposes. He says that these colors 'match up well with outdoor settings of varying types without seeming out of place next to things like plants, patio flooring, or even the external colors of a house'.

As you look for inspiration to further your outdoor furniture ideas, choose this neutral tone to add some grace and aesthetic. Andrei tells us that the color beige is 'very clean and unchangeable appearance'. He explains that it 'can easily fit into different outdoor environments such as lush gardens or contemporary patios'. Beige blends well with 'nearly any color scheme hence reducing staining dirt, and the ability of this color to hide minor dirt and stains is quite strong,' Andrei adds. 'Moreover, it does not fade quickly under sun exposure like some other colors'.

2. Gray


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Darker tones have a way of captivating a space, if used correctly and Andrei says gray is one color that can add 'an air of sophistication' to your outdoor furniture.

This color is great for 'concealing dirt and dust in outdoor spaces'. But a downside of it might be that it can get really warm under direct sunlight, so Andrei suggests 'using pads or covers to limit this problem'.

Overusing dark tones can be a hard look to pull off. A great way to break colors apart is by adding contrasting colors onto your outdoor furniture. For example, if you have dark gray sofa, try adding white pillows. Or experiment with color — after all almost every colors goes with gray. Mixing things up will give a more balanced feel to your outdoor furniture.

3. Brights


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It's time to test the dopamine decor trend and add a pop of color onto your outdoor furniture. Yellow is quite a underrated and with the summer sun illuminating our day, why not match its energy? The bold, yet eccentric color is ideal for brightening up a space, and I for one, absolutely love it..

Yellow brings a sense of energy and youthfulness into a space and Andrei says it can 'create joyous moods within your exterior by making it lively,' which is perfect for entertaining your friends and family. Bright colors also have the 'capacity of working as focal points inside your interior design styles'.

He adds: 'Yellow is perfect for bringing energy and happiness into open-air premises because it creates a life-laden ambiance that improves mood immediately upon entering such areas. Use yellow as the accent or center in your design since it works perfectly well there'.

However, the downside yellow for outdoor furniture may be that it can fade much quicker when exposed to intense light, so Andrei advises to 'check for items that are resistant to UV radiation'.

4. Terracotta

red outdoor modular sofa

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Journeying through nature and its glorious colors, Andrei tells us, earth tones such as terracotta, with its deep burnt orange and brown hues, is a perfect pairing with of paying natures bountiful beauty.

He says terracotta can 'harmonize well with outdoor spaces particularly gardens that have lots of greens and wood elements'. And the 'overall tone of this shade creates a peaceful atmosphere that maintains tranquility'.

Creating and warm and welcoming feel, terracotta furniture is a big color trend in design right now, so it may be easier to find than ever before.


What colors should you avoid?

In general, there is not one color that you should completely avoid, but if you are looking for functionality over aesthetics, then its time to be a little more selective with your outdoor furniture. Here are a few colors to avoid for outdoor furniture:

White: Although this is great for making a space feel minimal and clean, it is more likely to pick up dust, dirt and stains.

Black: Dark colors such as black might not be the best choice and Lindsay Schleis, from recycled outdoor furniture brand Polywood says although the color gives a slick modern look 'some people might find it a hotter choice in sunny climates due to the way it absorbs the sun’s energy'.

Clashing colors: You'd want your outdoor furniture color to pair well with your backyard, including the walls and the flooring, so Emma Putrimas, design expert for outdoor furniture brand Teak Warehouse recommends choosing colors that 'complement the color and style of your home's exterior'.

Choosing the perfect color for your outdoor furniture is ultimately up to you. It depends on your style and the atmosphere in which you want to create, so make it unique to you and add your own personal touch.

However, home improvement expert Andrei Newman, tells us the color which takes the crown for him is the only and only, beige. He says it 'gets the nod as the most versatile and practical option. It offers a timeless, clean look that fits seamlessly into various outdoor setups'. He continues: 'Additionally, its resilience against sun damage and dirt makes it both aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance, ensuring your outdoor space remains inviting year-round'.

For Livingetc's Color and Trends editor, Lilith Hudson, she says: 'The perfect outdoor furniture color is a delicate balance of functionality and aesthetics. I love the Mediterranean feel of sleek white furniture, but it's not going to have the same effect once it inevitably starts to wear and stain'. Lilith says she is currently loving blue tones, as they're 'so well suited to the outdoors, super calming, and cool, sky blue hues really tap into the recent trend for blue interiors, too. Aluminum coated or woven string furniture is also extremely durable, so your color will last for many summers to come'.

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