7 Colors Designers Will be Painting Their Outdoor Furniture This Summer — 'They Transform Your Patio Into a Vibrant Oasis!'

Experts tell us that the outdoor theme this summer is vibrant vista, so here's how you can get the look

outdoor living room with striped throw and cushions by Ryan Street Architects
(Image credit: Ryan Street Architects/Casey Dunn)

One look at the calendar and you'll probably be as shocked as us when you realize that we're nearly at the halfway mark of 2024. Having said that, there's plenty to look forward to, and one of our favorite sunny seasons will soon be upon us. To prepare for the onset of summer, we've started to gather the top trends that are worth following in order to have a stylish summer home in time for the seasonal transition. And we've noticed that color is back in a big way this year and it's not restricted to your inside spaces.

Every backyard deserves a vibrant makeover and lucky for us, there is a way to DIY this trend instead of splashing the cash on new modern outdoor furniture. If you're looking for an affordable way to stay on trend this summer, we suggest painting your outdoor furniture for a chic new look. As for which hues you need in your backyard, we spoke to the experts and they've given us the perfect summer shades for you to have all the makings of a stunning patio.

1. Cherry Red

A garden with water feature

(Image credit: Emily Barkow. Design: Dameron Architecture)

Nothing pops quite like a splash of cherry red and this color happens to look very chic when draped across your patio furniture. Amy Holton, creative head at Lust Home, tells us that her philosophy when it comes to infusing color is the brighter the better and she especially follows this rule when she's looking to add a touch of personality to spaces that are commonly overlooked. Amy informs us that cherry red is one of the hottest colors this summer and we can't help but agree.

We think that this color works especially well for minimalist backyards that are looking to be spiced up for summer. Since red is a statement color, it can truly enliven a bare space and it ties in perfectly with the trending unexpected red theory.

2. Cobalt Blue

An outdoor sectional

(Image credit: Lucas Interior)

Deep blue hues pair beautifully with the green shades that come with a lush garden or a grassy backyard, so it makes complete sense that this is one of the popular colors for summer. 'Depending on the theme of the garden, the surrounding flora and fauna can inspire the furniture’s color,' says Amy. Moreover, she informs us that cobalt blues are an especially trendy color to keep an eye out for.

Cobalt blue is an electric color that's sure to elevate any piece of outdoor furniture. However, we especially like the thought of electric blue ottomans and coffee tables for a striking pop of color.

3. Botanical Green

Milan Design Week Edra Every Place indoor outdoor sofa in green

(Image credit: Edra)

Whether your outdoor patio is missing a dose of botanical green or even if your backyard is alive with blooms, we love the idea of these charming green tints coming to life on our alfresco furniture. Tony Peng, managing director at OASIQ, he tells us that this season, designers have been drawn to a variety of colors when designing outdoor spaces and natural shades of green are at the forefront of the summer hues.

'The green colorway tends to infuse a sense of calm into a space, creating relaxing environments that seamlessly blend into the lush landscapes,' he says. And with the range of botanical green shades, you can go as zen or as luxurious as you'd like. For instance, you can go for a soothing aesthetic with a sage green or you can try forest green for a rich finish.

4. Sunny Yellow

yellow outdoor table and bench

(Image credit: Jennifer Newman)

When you think of summer, you think of a bright and sunlit yellow hue, so why shouldn't you infuse the color of summer itself into your colorful backyard? A whimsical yellow garden bench or a set of joyful yellow dining chairs can transform your patio from blah to blissful. 'Acting as the perfect statement piece or focal point, golden hues light up in outdoor atmospheres, adding a sense of cheer to warm, sunny afternoons and dusky nights,' says Tony.

Experimenting with yellow also allows you to test the dopamine decor trend outside of the walls of your interior home. So if you've found your outdoor furniture a tad boring lately, maybe a lick of yellow paint is what your furniture was missing all along.

5. Punchy Pink

A backyard with pink outdoor furniture by a pool

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Barbiecore was all the rage last summer, but this blushy pink shade will never go out of style, and it's time for this hue to take on a new life on your patio furniture. Not only does this color add a subtle splash of color to your chairs but it perfectly compliments the gorgeous green that comes with a summer garden. Paired together, these colors give off an exotic beachy vibe that is hard to come by with other shades.

'I've noticed that shades of pink have also showcased immense staying power,' notes Tony. The chic color palette - bolstered by a globally popular motion picture and millennial influences - has quite the range, often adding the perfect pop of color that can read as a refreshing neutral in outdoor design schemes.'

6. Vibrant Orange

A patio area with an orange chair next to a plunge pool

(Image credit: OASIQ )

There's just something about a zesty orange hue splayed across the furniture. Be it an accent table or a couple of sun loungers, this shade has so much potential and looks phenomenal on most pieces of furniture. While this color is commonly contained to pillows, we think that a refreshing orange hue would look just as summery on larger furnishings.

Amy tells us that vivid orange hues are due to be a big hit across patios this summer. Try painting your wooden chairs or a picnic bench as an unexpected way to bring color to your backyard.

7. Deep Black

Patio space with shaped hedge in the distance, framing rectangular fire pit and black wicker chairs surrounding

(Image credit: Life Created for Living with Lolo)

You might not have seen this one coming but this chic hue is a classic color for a backyard makeover and it fits the bill perfectly if you're going for a cohesive monochrome finish to your patio. Tony tells us that matte black finishes offer a classic appeal that never goes out of demand. 'Black forms the perfect starting point to build off of - whether you're going for a more neutral appeal or if you're looking to add in pops of color,' he notes.

As a shade that exudes elegance, black looks timeless on any patio and it's an incredibly easy color to work with when it comes to recoloring your furniture. All in all, this color is on-trend for the summer but also translates well as the seasons change, making it an ideal go-to hue.

All you need to get your patio in season is a little bit of time and a couple of cans of any of the aforementioned summer colors. Not only will it give you an inexpensive revamp but it can be plenty of fun to get your DIY game on, especially with the warm weather creating the ultimate ambiance for an artistic day outside. But if you're not too keen on painting over your current furniture, we've scoured the virtual aisles and have found some lovely furniture doused in the trendiest tones of the season. This essentially allows you to benefit from all the joy of a colorful backyard without any of the work!

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