5 Unexpected Ways to Add Color to your Outdoor Patio for a Vibrant Alfresco Setting

Experts tell us exactly which details to invest in for a colorful backyard, perfect for swanky spring parties

A backyard patio with blue outdoor seating
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It's officially spring which means that it's finally time to bring out the patio furnishings and make your backyard al fresco ready. This year, it's all about bright pops of color that'll convert your patio into a fabulous spot for stunning sunny brunches and glitzy evening soirées. If you're wondering where to start with your patio spruce, don't fret. A total overhaul is not needed to transform your space from its cold weather era.

Instead of renovating your outdoor space, which can be both expensive and time-consuming, why not just dress it up a little? We spoke to the experts and they've told us everything we need to make our backyard an oasis of warmth and, as it turns out, all it takes is a few outdoor accessories to revive the area and bring it back to life. Whether you're in the mood for a boho-chic makeover or a green theme to match your lush garden, we have options aplenty to get you started.

1. Colorful Pillows

A backyard with sofa furnished with texture and color

(Image credit: Nicole England. Design: Studio Minosa)

Popping a few patterned cushions onto your outdoor furniture can contribute so much to the aesthetic of the space. According to us, this is a fool-proof trick to introduce a range of complementary colors to your patio. You can experiment with different colors and textures too for a contemporary finish.

Landscape designer Katherine Aul Cervoni tells us that the easiest way to add a dash of color or refresh your outdoor living space is to include a selection of throw pillows on your sofa, bench, or lounge chairs. 'Test out a monochrome look with different shades of the same color in varying sizes and textures, or try a family of colors like navy, cream, and white,' she suggests.

2. Outdoor Rugs

Ruggable x Monica Ahanonu collection outdoor rug on terrace of house with chairs and pillows

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A rug can elevate a space in a big way, primarily because of its size but also because of its ability to grab attention, especially if it's the host to a cocktail of colors. Outdoor rugs are easy to care for and are made to withstand nature's temperaments, so you don't have to worry about their exposure to the elements as long as you make certain that it's made for outdoor use.

Katherine especially recommends adding an outdoor rug to patios made with brick, stone, or tile, while interior design expert Elana Mendelson points out that the variety of rug colors and patterns make them a great addition to your patio. 'They can truly bring personality to any outdoor space via their vivid hues of color,' she says.

3. Accent Furniture

patio with wood panels and modern blue furniture

(Image credit: Natalia Miyar)

If you're looking to style your patio by introducing a significant patch of color, you can't go wrong with bright pieces of accent furniture. They can decorate the space while also taking on the role of functional furnishing. The goal is to create a kaleidoscope of hues without overstimulating the mind, so it's best to opt for accent pieces like small tables and ottomans that organically embellish your colorful backyard.

Katherine loves the concept of a multichromatic space and enjoys including small yet colorful furniture pieces such as coffee and side tables and even recommends a bright cafe bistro set.

4. Glazed Pots

Pink Gipsy Queen hyacinths in a container

(Image credit: Wouter Koppen/iBulb)

While your backyard may be home to a lush outdoor garden, a few outdoor pots on the patio can make for the perfect finishing touches to the space. Since this year's trend is color-friendly, we suggest using glazed containers for your plants to magnify the pigment and reflect the color (the shine of the glaze will look effortlessly magical in the sunlight).

Elana tells us that a display of flowers in a colored planter is a fun way to add a bright accent without too much commitment. Likewise, Katherine suggests pairing the planters with evergreen shrubs and ornamental grasses, or with colorful annuals and perennials for a beautiful container garden. You might also like to consider matching the glaze to a common color that's scattered across your patio.

5. Decorative Accessories

Small garden with textured privacy fence idea

(Image credit: DKClarke Photography)

Most design experts will tell you that the devil is in the details, and this rule extends outside your home and into the styling of your patio as well. We like to think of the perfect outdoor dining ambiance as a space elevated by dabs of color in the minutiae. Similar to the glazed planters, this is another nifty way to use color in small accents. Think patterned table runners for your outdoor dining area and romantic striped umbrellas for your patio table.

Take inspiration from the colors of spring and embrace the dopamine decor trend. We can't put into words the feeling of bliss that comes with a vibrant patio. Playful color-ridden styling is the name of the game and these simple outdoor adornments will make you a master styler in no time.

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