Amazon Prime Day: The best deals on stylish storage

Marie Kondo your home with our edit of Amazon Prime Day's most stylish storage (offers end midnight!)

marie kondo loves smart storage
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Psst! Amazon Prime Day 2020 may be behind us, but we're already looking ahead to Amazon Prime Day 2021 which we'll be updating with everything you need to know as we approach 2021's big sale.


Inspired by Marie Kondo's satisfyingly organised make-overs, we've put together our edit of stylish storage that we're eyeing up for our own homes in the Amazon Prime Day sale. 

The infamous 'KonMari' method is all decluttering followed by neatly stowing everything away in storage boxes that fit every space. While Marie Kondo uses shoe boxes and other containers she has lying around, the purposefully designed items below will give your home an even more organised feel.

Get yourself some practical boxes, drawers, organisers and labelled containers while offers last.

Canvas toy storage baskets | Was £13, Now £10.39

Keep kids' clutter, lego, toys and bits 'n' bobs out of sight and out of the way with these starry canvas toy storage baskets. Perfect for popping under bench seating or on cupboard shelves in the play room, or use them to maximise space in wardrobes and bedroom cupboards.View Deal

Clear pantry storage set of 7 with marker and labels| Was £30, Now £24 (20% off)

Keep pantry shelves neatly organised with these air-tight and leak-proof containers. They come with adhesive labels and a marker pen, making it easier for you to neatly label what's inside.View Deal

LIGHTNING DEAL: Shoe storage set with clear drawer boxes | Was £22, Now £15 (31% off)

This lightning deal is only valid until 7pm tonight!

The shoe storage boxes are made of environment-friendly PP Plastic with a steel frame to isolate dust and water – plus the transparent design makes it easy to see where each pair of shoes is stored.View Deal

Set of 12 air-tight containers | Was £26, Now £17 (35% off)

This set of 12 air-tight containers are ideal for loose kitchen foods like beans, cereals, and pastas, as well as teas and coffees. We like that you can easily see what's inside, and we love the pretty bamboo lids too! They'd also look sweet filled with cookies or confectionery.View Deal

Waterproof reusable chalkboard labels with pens | Was £9, Now £7.19 (20% off)

Whatever storage you have, keep things clear and labelled. These chalkboard labels are waterproof and reusable, so the storage boxes can be re-used for other items. View Deal

Jars with wood lid ball top | Was £28, Now £22 (20% off)

For a more interesting, design-led look, these glass jars are rather striking, as they feature wooden ball tops that slot into the tops of the glass jars – rather than flat lids. These jars are more for display rather than hidden storage, and would look striking on kitchen worktops with meusli, coffee beans and other goods. They could also make a fun way of display arts & crafts supplies like beads, sequins, feathers etc.View Deal

Set of 12 spice pots | Was £19, Now £15 (20% off)

This is arguably a whole 'nother level of kitchen organisation – but these little spice shakers will give your spices a consistent look, and can be topped up so you don't have multiple half-empty sachets or shakers of the same spice lying around.View Deal

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Clear kitchen storage boxes | Now only £14

These clear, open topped storage containers are ideal for the kitchen, as they keep items like spices or tinned food neatly organised in kitchen cupboards, and allow you to easily see through the sides to know what's inside. No more rogue spice powders or mysterious sticky substances lining your kitchen shelves!View Deal

Slim laundry trolley | Now only £18.98

A handy laundry trolley like this is perfect for under the countertop in the laundry room, as it helps separate laundry, so you can throw in whites with whites, darks with darks, and stores everything out of the way until laundry day.View Deal

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White Scalloped Leather Tray Storage |Was £10, Now £8 (20% off)

Keep desks, hallways or bedside clutter to a minimum with a handy storage tray. This would make a beautiful gift too.View Deal

Brown Scalloped Leather Tray Storage |Was £9, Now £7.19 (20% off)

The storage tray also comes in a chic brown leather version.View Deal

Set of 6 storage boxes with wooden handles | Was £28, Now £21.83

These large storage cubes are ideal for home offices, and will look smart when aligned side by side – hiding cluttered papers, notebooks and pens out of sight. They would also work for organising wardrobes. When you no longer need one, just fold it up – they fold flat when not in use.View Deal

Paper and magazine storage drawers |Was £37, Now £29 (20% off)

This chic tabletop drawer set keep paperwork, files, documents and magazines neatly out of sight – while still being within arms reach. View Deal

Clear drawer storage | Now £23

Alternatively, this clear drawer storage allows you to see what's inside – ideal for when you're storing small items like art and craft supplies, so you can see exactly where everything is.View Deal

Craft storage boxes, set of 28 | Was £20, Now £14

This set of 28 clear storage boxes is amazing value, and will have your home office or art studio instantly transformed and organised. Use it to neatly group smaller items that would otherwise get lost in bigger boxes – like paperclips, erasers, crayons, staples etc.View Deal

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Stackable storage set | Was £30, Now £23 (23% off)

This stackable storage set features one large 45 litre storage box, with two 15 litre storage boxes that can fit neatly on top. Perfect for storing items in the loft, in the eaves, the garage or the shed.View Deal

Jumbo vacuum storage bags, four pack | Was £17, Now £13.59 (20% off)

Stylish? No. But these jumbo sized vacuum storage bags are oh-so-clever. Stash compressible items into the bag, seal it, then attach you vacuum cleaner to suck all the air out of the bag, thus making them vacuum-packed. This method reduces the amount of space it takes up by 75%, making it easier to store multiple items in confined spaces. They are ideal for storing out of season items like winter coats, large jumpers and heavy tog duvets during the summer months, and keeping summer clothes out of the way during colder months. PLUS they'll keep damp and bugs like moths out of reach, so you can store clothing and bedding in the loft, the eaves, or even the shed.View Deal

Garment bags, pack of 12 | Was £19, Now £14.24 (25% off)

For clothing items that need to be hang up, this pack of 12 garment bags features a clever clear window that allows you to peep inside and recognise what suit, dress or outfit is stored inside.View Deal

Nursery storage | Was £14, Now £10.39 (26% off)

Keep changing tables, nursery toys, and baby clothes neatly grouped in a stylish storage basket like this one – now at 26% off.View Deal

100% Natural Linen Storage Baskets, set of four|Was £17, Now £13.50 (20% off)

We love these linen storage baskets for keeping baby socks, muslins and vests in neat piles in their wardrobe. Use them on the nappy change table to store cotton pads, nappies and wipes, or use them as drawer separators to organise baby clothes by category.View Deal

Sturdy fabric baskers with leather-style handles | Was £24, Now £19.19 (20% off)

We also love the classic colourway of this one, with brown, vegan (faux) leather handles. The baskets are made from a thick, durable and environmentally-friendly fabric that's more rigid for daily use, promising a greater lifespan.View Deal