Where to Buy Houseplants — 6 Places to Look Online for Indoor Plants Delivered to Your Door

Create your perfect indoor garden without leaving the house. Here are the 5 best places to look when it comes to where to buy houseplants online

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Have you ever wondered where to buy houseplants online? Plants feel like the sort of thing it just makes sense to pick up at the store — however, online retailers have got better and better at ensuring that their offerings can be delivered quickly and without damage, meaning you can find the type you want, without trailing around.

'In times gone by, you wouldn't have dreamed of ordering houseplants in the mail,' says Pip Rich, Livingetc's Editor at Large, and author of A New Leaf: Curated Houses Where Plants Meet Design, 'but now, it's likely the best way to find that hard-to-get plant you've been dreaming of for your home. I've bought plenty of plants online at this point, including a beautiful but seemingly rare black olive tree that I'm not sure I would have found otherwise.'

If your ideal house is a actually a greenhouse, we've got you covered. With this selection of online houseplant shopping destinations, you can bring the great outdoors to your living room, without having to step outside. You're guaranteed to find what you are looking for with this vast array of options, allowing you to build your perfect indoor garden.

1. Perfect Plants

Based out of a farm in North Florida, this family business has been growing, and nurturing their plant nursery since 1980. And with over 40 years of practice, they have certainly earned the right to call themselves Perfect Plants.

Since the beginning, a dedication to cultivating healthy, beautiful plants formed the core of this business. Supplying local landscapers and nurseries with the highest quality shrubs and trees.

In 2013, Perfect Plants made the decision to introduce online operations, allowing individual consumers up and down the country to benefit from the family's hard work. With hundreds of plants, trees, and shrubs to choose from, Perfect Plants is a great place to start looking for your next houseplant purchase. Here are a few of our favorites on site right now.

2. BloomsyBox

A beautiful, extravagant bouquet is one of the best gifts you can receive, but the environmental impact of these floral displays can leave you questioning their necessity. BloomsyBox founder, Juan Palacio, believes that beauty should not have to come at an environmental cost.

Sourcing their plants from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms, BloomsyBox is able to deliver monthly subscription boxes of bouquets that you can feel good about. By working directly with the farms, they ensure the best possible working conditions for their employees.

The website's selection stretches beyond their subscription flowers, and they have a wide array of stunning, sustainable houseplants available too — many of which were grown in the USA.

3. Plants.com

Based out of Jericho, New York, Plants.com supplies houseplants straight from their greenhouse to your doorstep.

With over 40 years of experience under their belt, the Plants.com team are passionate about finding a plant to fit any situation, whether that be your office cubicle, or picking the centre-piece for your dining room table.

Categorised by beginner, and pet-friendly options, Plants.com are demystifying the process of house-plant shopping.

4. The Sill

Eliza Blank set up The Sill back in 2012, inspired by her belief that the secret to becoming a healthier, happier is human, is houseplants.

Now, with four stores across the US, and a website offering online courses in plant care, Eliza has spread her love of plants across the nation.

With a range stretching from patio plants, to preserved living walls, The Sill is sure to meet all your floral needs.

5. Walmart

With over 1000 options to choose from, and prices starting under $10, Walmart is the surprising place to start building your indoor zen garden. Walmart sources plants from many of the same places other local stores do, including local nurseries and larger plant growers, but with the added convenience of shopping online with a name you trust.

Build a layered look by combining hanging plants with a selection of succulents, or choose one statement piece to become the focus point of a room – no matter what your verdant vision may be, Walmart will have what you need.

6. Amazon

With Amazon, everything is at your fingertips, including a wide array of houseplants, delivered to your doorstep the next day. But is it really a good place to buy houseplants?

'I've picked up a couple of indoor plants at Amazon,' says Hugh Metcalf, editor of Livingetc.com. 'It's possibly a little more of a risk when it comes to quality, but if you're diligent and check out the reviews before you buy, you shouldn't have a problem. Don't forget, if you're not happy, it's easy to return them too.'

Make the most of their varied supply and search around for some surprising and exotic finds to complete your houseplant collection, just take a look at some of these picks.

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