Cool Greens: These Are The World's Most Instagrammed Houseplants

From monstera to money trees...

Who doesn’t love a little touch of greenery in their home to brighten things up? Whether you’re greenfingered or not, house plants are a popular way to beautify your home, as well as offering a multitude of health benefits into the bargain - and a plethora of Instagram photo opportunities.

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Want to stay on-trend and choose the best houseplants for your home? The team at Flowercard has carried out research to find out which are the world’s most Instagrammed house plants to make your home picture-perfect and photo-friendly.

The World’s Most Instagrammed Houseplants:

1. SWISS CHEESE PLANT - 452,520 posts

Otherwise known as the Monstera Deliciosa, this green beauty is native to the tropical forests of South Mexico. Considered a 70s cult classic when it comes to houseplants, the Swiss Cheese plant is so well-loved its retro-chic appeal has travelled through time to be a fan-favourite still today. Beware though, as they are climbers - they use their aerial roots to scale huge heights, so be sure to give these plants plenty of space. Its large glossy heart-shaped leaves give our homes all the good vibes.

Most Instagrammed Houseplants

(Image credit: Kara Eads/Unsplash)

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2. FIDDLE LEAF FIG - 287,193 posts

Scientifically known as the Ficus Lyrata, the fiddle leaf fig is a species of flowering plant and is native to Western Africa, where it grows in tropical rainforest. Bringing an extra tropical vibe into our homes, it's now a must-have for plant lovers and the second most popular Instagrammed houseplants . With the possibility to climb up to six feet (or higher), this plant is a popular choice for entertaining areas, creating stunning silhouettes and a unique aesthetic.

most Instagrammed houseplants

(Image credit: Coco Tafoya/Unsplash)

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3. CHINESE MONEY PLANT - 202,391 posts

Pancake plant, UFO plant, or ‘bender plant’ - just a few of the names this loveable house plant has. Native to Southern China, the money plant is popular due to its low maintenance, and of course, its unique look. It's also really easy to propagate, meaning friends and family can pass cuttings and grow another super-quickly; this property also earned the plant the ‘pass it on’ nickname. Whatever you may call this beauty, it's an excellent house guest.

most Instagrammed houseplants

(Image credit: Xinyi Zhang/Unsplash)

4. SNAKE PLANT - 182,675 posts

When it comes to the most Instagrammed houseplants, the classic snake plant is a low effort but high impact choice; a great beginner's plant and it's become a plant-lover's dream. For an easy start to becoming a houseplant parent, the snake plant is ideal - it’s almost impossible to kill one, in fact, it thrives on neglect, loving light watering and being left alone. It is certainly an introverted plant - but that doesn't make it any less fabulous. It's a brilliant bedroom plant as it collects all the oxygen through the day and then releases it all at night.

most Instagrammed houseplants

(Image credit: Mike Marquez/Unsplash)

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5. MONEY TREE - 145,528 posts

With its unusual braided trunk and lively green leaves, the money tree is a stunning addition to any home or office. Some even say that its unique features symbolise good luck, bringing financial success to those who own one. And, even if you don't believe in its lucky charms, this fun plant will be your favourite housemate before you know it. They also work well in bathrooms due to their love of humidity. Tub time never felt so zen.

(Image credit: Getty/Shana Novak)

6. STRING OF PEARLS - 141,249 posts

Native to Southwest Africa, the string of pearls (senecio rowleyanus) is a wonderful decorative feature in any home. Its pearl-like leaves reach as long as 90cm and drape beautifully over any piece of furniture or windowsill. These unique plants love bright light and can survive long periods without water, perfect for decorating a conservatory and adding a touch of elegance to any area.

(Image credit: Kara Eads/Unsplash)

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7. SPIDER PLANT - 136,357 posts

The spider plant is one of the most adaptable on the most Instagrammed houseplants list and super-easy to grow, which may be why it's so popular. It is named so due to its spiderettes, which dangle down beautifully like spiders on a web. The twisting foliage is simply stunning and makes it the ideal choice to cheer up small spaces. This is one spider we welcome into our homes with open arms.

(Image credit: Lucian Alexe/Unsplash)

8. STRING OF HEARTS - 120,459 posts

Known to botanists as ceropegia, this house plant has so many unique features. Native to South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe, its sheer beauty is perfect to hang up high on display for all. Sit back and watch the stems reach the ground in its glamorous fashion. If you take good care of it, it may even reward you with some curious pink and purple flowers. What's not to love about a sweet shower of love hearts hanging in your home?

(Image credit: Georgia de Lotz/unsplash)

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9. JADE PLANT - 109,992 posts

Jade plants aren't just an ordinary house plant - they look like a mini tree, and can grow as high as four feet. These classic plants usually last for a long, long time, meaning they can be a part of your family for years, with the possibility of being passed down from generation to generation. They are considered lucky and are also referred to as ‘lucky plant’ and ‘friendship plant’, making them a fantastic gift.

(Image credit: Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash)

10. PEACE LILY - 102,218 posts

A green-thumb favourite, the spathiphyllum is ultra-adaptable and low-maintenance. Peace lilies aren't in fact a true lily; they are a member of the Aeaceae family and just resemble the calla lily. Its simple and elegant white flower resembles a white flag of surrender, hence its name. NASA even featured the peace lily in its ranking of top air-cleaning plants. Peace, greenery and clean air - the perfect combination.

(Image credit: Max Williams/Unsplash)

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