Trending: Pink Kitchens

Pink in the kitchen? We're big fans.

Pink kitchens and bathrooms are set to become one of 2020’s top trends, with striking pink kitchens dominating our Pinterest and Instagram feeds. Perhaps it’s because the colour is so warm, cheerful and playful, or perhaps it’s because the colour is so versatile; pair it with black, grey, or with concrete, and suddenly you’ll have an edgy, industrial or masculine looking scheme. Pair pink with blue or with green and you’ll create something zesty, energetic and dramatic. Or tone it down with woods or pastel shades.

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We’ve seen many pink kitchen ideas over the years, and have collated a few of our faves here below. From pink painted walls (hello Antoinette by Annie Sloan), pink-stained wood cabinetry, bubblegum pink kitchen islands and even fuschia in the kitchen, to pink floors and ceilings, and daring combinations with concrete, there’s a pink kitchen idea here for everyone.

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Want to go all-out? Pink cabinetry is the way to go. Want something more balanced? Opt for just a pink kitchen island, while keeping cabinetry muted in wood or grey. Just looking to dip your toe in the colour? A pink splash back is one of our personal favourites as it gives just the right dose of warm colour, but is unlikely to tire or bore you any time soon. We’re particularly big fans of the dusty grey-pink shades that manage to create a relatively neutral look.

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Want a pink shaker kitchen? Brass cabinet door handles, brass wall lights and a brass tap will make it modern, as will replacing brass with matte black hardware.

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