Cool White Bedroom Ideas

Thought all white bedrooms were boring? Think again.

These white bedrooms prove that a simple backdrop needn’t dictate underwhelming decor; from uber modern bed frames and dramatic statement lighting to punchy headboards and artworks, these cool white bedroom ideas prove that white walls let the rest of the space do the talking.

But it’s not all drama either. A white backdrop is endlessly versatile, and can be the canvas to both a very modern bedroom or a more rustic, country-inspired vibe. In the white bedroom ideas below you’ll find a look to suit every kind of style.

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Want to add interest to a white bedroom scheme? Go for stand-out artworks, a statement headboard, a four poster bed, or statement bedroom lighting. Or give your walls 3D texture; panelling can add oodles of drama to white walls while still leaving them white. An upholstered headboard can also help create a distinct focal point and add bags of texture.

Large framed artworks can punch up an all-white space. When walls are left white, it puts the focus on the rest of the room so you can let a stand-out artwork (or other feature) do the talking.

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White walls could also help bring out any original features, for example exposed beams or brickwork. If you want, you can then bring a more rustic scheme up-to-date in other ways, for example with modern lighting, a modern bed, modern art and modern floating bedside tables.

If things feel too white, just changing up the bedding or adding a vibrant throw can bring a whole new look to the room. To warm things up further, opt for a warm white shade and bring out the undertones by introducing blush tones via lampshades, bedding or curtains.

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