Cool Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Step up your kitchen floor game with these dazzling ideas...

With many of us looking to revamp our kitchens, we’ve sifted through our archives to pull together 25 stunning kitchen flooring ideas.

The past few months have given us lots of extra time at home, and with the kitchen being the heart of the home our minds have focussed around plotting, pondering and planning mini kitchen makeovers. Of course, a lick of paint on the walls or the cabinetry is the quickest and least expensive solution, but new kitchen flooring can make a dramatic difference.

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Poured concrete flooring, resin flooring and screeded flooring have all grown in popularity due to their clean and simple aesthetic, plus they’re hard-wearing and easy to keep clean. Terrazzo is also a stunning option, and perfectly suited to modern, minimalist or industrial-style properties.

Bleached flooring can give a kitchen a relaxed and beach look, as can white painted floorboards. Herringbone parquet and marble floors will guarantee a very high-end and elegant finish.

Octagonal tiles and square insets will give a kitchen floor a vintage vibe, but 2020 has seen a cool, modern spin on these traditional tiles; unlike original Victorian tiles, luxury vinyl alternatives are hard-wearing, waterproof and easy to maintain, making it ideal for kitchens or high-traffic areas of the house.

Vinyl has come a long a way in design – and is excellent for noise cancelling too. Rigid core luxury vinyl reduces sound transfer to rooms below by 21dB, which makes a big difference in multistorey homes. It needs very little preparation as it can be fitted over most existing subfloors, floorboards and ceramics. Plus, installation is quicker as rigid core planks and tiles require no adhesive and can fit together with a click and lock. Karndean Designflooring will add new herringbone designs in a rigid core option to its Van Gogh collection in September 2020. This will open up new design options for those wanting a classic look without the sound transfer.

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Mosaic-style tiles can create intricate, pretty patterns on the floor, as shown in the Blakes London kitchen below (number 4). But while dynamic stone patterned floors are a stunning choice for kitchens but they can be pricey. Instead, make like interior designer Beata Heuman and try painting one on (see example 3).

Another budget-friendly alternative to stone floors is 3D printed tiles. Digital printing has advanced to an extent that manufacturers are now able to create surfaces that faithfully mimic mother nature. These tiles also solve the issues often associated with natural stone: they don’t need to be sealed to improve stain resistance and they are virtually impervious to water. What’s more, with modern Full Digital technology available, if you were to slice through the tile, the pattern would be the same on the surface as in its core. The benefit? If the surface wears down, the stone pattern is still visible. Try Peronda and Inalco’s MDi porcelain tiles.

From modern resin and poured concrete kitchen flooring to traditional tiles and parquet floors, here are 25 of the best kitchen flooring ideas for a smart finish underfoot…

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