fabulous freestanding bath ideas

Delight in the decadence of a freestanding bath..

There’s something delightfully decadent about a freestanding bath. They hark back to Hollywood’s golden era and capture the magic associated with the glamorous stars of the day, who were often filmed sipping champagne in tubs brimming with bubbles.

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Even if your own bathing routine is slightly more mundane, the sight of a freestanding bath will suggest something more lavish and give your bathroom or bedroom a luxurious lift.

So if your space allows, a freestanding bath is the choice du jour for modern homes.

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But what to go for? The options are vast. roll top, bateaux, slipper, ball and claw feet, double-ended, to name just a few of the choices on offer? These are often traditional in style and work well in period properties, where they chime with original features and can be teamed with heritage-style brassware.

Alternatively, a contemporary freestanding bath can complement classic architecture and balance old and new styles.

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Most manufacturers also offer a wide choice in painted finishes, from pale pastels through to bright hues and dark, muted tones, which can be coordinated to work with the rest of your scheme. There’s also a new wave of metallic finishes on offer, available even on modern composite materials, and ranging from nickel and tin through to copper and brass.

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We’ve selected the freestanding bath ideas that have had us in a lather; from those enlivened with colourful surfaces to others with pure white finishes. There are simple shapes and period styles, so check them out and decide which most appeal.

After all, who can resist a long soak, surrounded by scented candles to melt away the stresses of the day?

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